December 1, 2022

ZEKE SKY – Intergalactic Demon King Review

Released by: Atomic Fire Records

Release date: November 11, 2022

Genre: Prog/Metal/Psy


Line up:

Zeke Sky | guitars, piano, synthesizer, bass, vocals
Adam Pierson | drums

List of tracks:

1. Opening
2. On the tip of the tongue
3. Light up the sky
4. Intergalactic Demon King
5. Level the heights
6. Light in the Hollow
7. Fire Witch Forever
8. Faith and Sorrow
9. Endless Forever
10. Say your prayers
11. Lion Heart

Forged from the fires of Nuclear Blast Records, Atomic Fire Records have released smoldering metal and already boast a slew of top notch releases from top artists such as HELLOWEEN, OPETH, MESHUGGAH, AMORPHIS, MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP, PRIMAL FEAR , SONATA ARCTICA etc, they seem to be here to stay.

Here we have another gem of an album, featuring American multi-instrumentalist Zeke Sky with his debut “Intergalactic Demon King”. Falling into must-have albums, and which you can skip, (don’t) Zeke is a talented guy as he plays guitar, piano and vocals on this one. The themes around his debut are fantasy and tell tales of bravery I have to admit one look at Zeke and I can see him playing the role of a superhero while you listen to his debut it’s a big guy, why do I have the pictures of him and He-Man, the Metal version? Don’t be fooled by the pictures alone, this album rocks from top to bottom.


One of the singles “Light The Sky” is a frenetic brew of fast tempo metal delights, prog, metal mayhem, great drumming and a pretty harsh man vibe, a real killer track . The sped up beats of “Light in The Hollow” feature new vicious and frantic metallic grooves, short and direct, this track simply rips. The instrumental “Fire Witch” is another chipper’s delight, with great upbeat drumming and thick distortion in parts as it later cools things down calmly towards the end. A cool instrumental perfectly placed in the working order of the disc. The rising guitar lick in “Level The Heights” features Zeke initiating a finger-tapping clinic, but later the move turns fiercely into a folksy groove before destroying your neck with crazier weight and twists. really aggressive vocalizations!!! See the theme here? The madness continues to spin with more molten metal in your face and grooves and rhythm changes to give a grown man a boost.

The music is an amalgam of Heavy Metal, Melodic and Progressive with Psychedelic influences. It’s an interesting mix and honestly works well. Not a single weak track to be heard here, no filler as they are all crushed to hell with a thundering display of heavy. For new Metal listeners who have never heard of Zeke Sky, the visuals and themes might be a bit silly, but again, make no mistake, the music here is exceptional and deserves your attention this year .

Written by: Shadow Editor

Rating: 8/10

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