November 23, 2022

Yxlon rebrands to comet Yxlon – Metrology and Quality News

Yxlon becomes comet Yxlon. At this year’s Control trade show, the manufacturer of X-ray and CT inspection systems announced that it will be changing its name to Comet Yxlon, effective September 8, 2022. The new branding underscores the long-standing affiliation of ‘Yxlon with Comet, a
world leader in innovative technology focused on plasma and X-ray technology.

The fresh, modern design of the new Comet Yxlon brand reflects the company’s innovation and enthusiasm for solving customer problems.
“The Comet Yxlon brand represents decades of x-ray expertise and a passion for making new things possible – true to the motto Led by experience. Driven by curiosity” said Kevin Crofton, CEO of Comet Group and interim chairman of Yxlon.

“The rebrand strengthens our presence and reaffirms our importance with Comet Group.” Yxlon’s entrepreneurial roots date back to the discovery of X-rays by WC Röntgen in 1895 and the manufacture of the first X-ray tube by CHF Müller in 1896. Based in Hamburg, Germany, YXLON International GmbH is part of the parent company Swiss-listed Comet Holding AG, which has brought together a leading global group of innovative technology companies under its umbrella, since 2007.

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