December 1, 2022

Young Drivers Delay Car Repairs To Save Money

An RAC poll of 3,102 motorists indicated that 37% of 17-24 year olds are putting off work to repair their vehicles as the cost of living crisis takes hold.

November 02, 2022

Young drivers are delaying car repairs in a bid to save money, a new survey has found.

An RAC survey of 3,102 motorists indicated that 37% of people aged 17 to 24 are putting off work to repair their vehicle as the cost of living crisis rages.

This could lead to “much larger” bills in the future as the problems worsen, the auto service company has warned.

Some 16% of young people polled are delaying major repairs, which could include replacing handbrakes or cracked windshields.

Minor repairs such as repairing small oil leaks or replacing brake discs are reported by 28% of young drivers.

The survey suggested that 14% of drivers of all ages skip repairs in an effort to save money, while 9% have their vehicle serviced less frequently.

RAC spokesman Rod Dennis said: “Delaying vehicle repairs or skipping routine maintenance are both false economies, but these numbers show how many drivers, especially younger ones, feel that ‘they have to do it to reduce their expenses in the face of rising prices.

“The fact that more than a third of young drivers are deliberately delaying their vehicle repairs to cut costs is actually a harbinger of unwanted garage bills in the future – and possibly far larger ones.

“Failing to work a car means the chances of it failing a driver increase, potentially making it less safe.”

Mr Dennis expressed hope that the Government will ‘put on hold its unpopular idea’ of halving the frequency of MOTs from every year to every two years.

Reports emerged in April that then Transport Secretary Grant Shapps suggested making the change to save people money.

Mr Dennis said: ‘As the average age of cars on our roads gets older due to fewer people swapping in new cars, it looks like many of them will also be in poorer overall condition, which is bad news for anyone using the roads.

“The MOT is the safety net when it comes to ensuring that all vehicles using the roads are in working order.”

A spokesperson for the Department for Transport said: “Although we have some of the safest roads in the world, it is essential that drivers take responsibility for the maintenance of their vehicles, ensuring that they are safe and in working order.”