December 1, 2022

Xentrix – Seven Word Review

Label: Listenable Records

Genre: Thrash Metal

EU release date: November 11, 2022

Line up:

Jay Walsh – Vocals/Guitar
Kristian Havard – Guitar
Chris Shires – Bass
Dennis Gasser – Drums

List of tracks:

Behind the walls of betrayal
seven words
spit coin
The alter of nothing
Everybody loves you when you’re dead
Carefree with a smile
Ghost band number 10
my war
kill and protect
anything but the truth
Billion dollar babies

After Xentrix announced its disbandment in 1997, it was unpredictable that the guys would resurrect a few years later. But never say never. Three years ago the band released ‘Bury the Pain’, a more than decent comeback album, and now they have a new album coming with ‘Seven Words’.

The sixth album of the English of course includes more than seven words. There are a total of eleven songs, which found a place on the album, and Xentrix continues where they left off with the previous disc. The quartet hasn’t lost its punch and we quickly realize that on this disc only energetic thrash metal pieces come to life.

Already the opening ‘Behind the Walls of Treachery’ shows that Xentrix is ​​addicted to old school thrash metal; music that includes the sound of the Bay Area as well as influences from bands like Kreator. Raging solo parts and a massive rhythm section give the song the necessary kick, which is also reflected in the following title track.Also worth mentioning is the furiously stomping “The Altar of Nothing” as well as the groove “Everybody Loves You When You’re Dead”. “Reckless With a Smile” can also feature a powerful bass line. ‘My War’ is a full-throttle thrash metal wrecking ball, while the closer ‘Anything but the Truth’ attracts attention again with a more atmospheric start. Things don’t stop at those cinematic sounds, as the song evolves into a hard-hitting thrasher.

Well, ‘Anything but the Truth’ is Xentrix’s last composition on the album, but the four guys have a cover version to offer too. The group, which became famous in the 90s for the powerful cover of “Ghostbusters”, decided this time to turn to Alice Cooper and recorded a metallic version of “Billion Dollar Babies”. The result is worth listening to, fun and that’s it.

With ‘Seven Words’ the four English have created a superb record, which takes up the roots of thrash metal and transports them to the present time. Old school is the spirit and the atmosphere of this disc, while the sound blows strong and modern from the loudspeakers. Recommended.

Written by: Markus Wiedenmann

Rating 8/10

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