September 28, 2022

Walter Trout – Hike Review

Published by: Mascot Label Group

Release date: August 19, 2022

Genre: Blues Rock


List of tracks:

1. Ghosts

2. Roll

3. Follow you home

4. So Many Sad Goodbyes

5. High is low

6. Waiting for Dawn

7. Better days ahead

8. Fertile Soil

9. I worry too much

10. Leave it all behind

11. Hey Mom

12. Destiny

Walter Trout, the legendary well-traveled blues man, has certainly established a long career in the Blues Rock scene. So long that it has now reached the peak of releasing this 30th studio album. After securing a new recording contract with Mascot/Provogue, a move from California to Denmark, the now 70-year-old Walter certainly has a new sense of purpose.

It’s already a career achievement to be able to release so much great music, but to continue to do this and not lose much in terms of quality is quite an achievement. Most of the new inspiration for the new “Ride” record was written and influenced during the pandemic. The new album spins the wheel and proves once again why the longevity it has had should be greeted with respect and admiration.


“Follow You Back Home” is a slow churning blues with so much emotion. Walter has always known how to compose a melody that has all the sensations. This one has so much personal flair in the lyrics that it instantly makes it a standout track on the record. The more traditional blues rocker “High Is Low” features Walter ripping with pristine guitar solos and bringing back his trademark blues sound. His vocals are in top form as he shouts “We all need a sanctuary” This… Another choice cut on the album. The beautiful guitar and string touches just flow so naturally on “Waiting For The Dawn”, it’s just well done. Beautiful laid back soul melody with impeccable production. Another personal number is loud and clear via “I worry too much” as Trout worries about his liver, he is a liver transplant survivor. The vibe here is mean, gritty, and as real as it gets; another great song from the album.

Ultimately, Trout is a perfect blues ambassador, a survivor (literally) who embodies what the blues is in so many ways. You can’t go wrong with anything Walter publishes, his work just keeps getting more and more legendary each time. If you are lucky enough to catch one of his live shows, I highly suggest you do. As for ‘Ride’, I can’t fault much, the production is fine-grained, his guitar playing is customary from his previous work, and overall you get what you pay for all the way. Recommended.

Written by: shadow editor

Rating 9/10

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