December 1, 2022

Unearthed – To The Dead Review


Relapse records

Release Date – October 21, 2022

Line up:

Matt Harvey – Vocals/Guitar

Sebastian Phillips – Guitar

Ross Sewage – Vocals/Bass

Mike Hamilton – Drums

List of tracks:

1 – Putrescine And Cadaverine

2 – Color Void

3 – Charred

4 – Rank and defiled

5 – Lurid, shocking and vile

6 – Undertake the overqualified

7 – Necrotic

8 – No Unturned Headstone

9 – Defecated

10 – Disgusted

Exhumed was formed in San Jose, California in 1990 and over the next fifteen years produced some of the most vicious and gory metal of all time. They broke up in 2005 only to return in 2010 with a definitive death metal direction. Since then, they’ve been pretty consistent with their releases and now we get the full force of their horrifying imagination.

Ripping straight into the ripping face ‘Putrescine And Cadaverine’, they set up their booth early. It’s pure devilish brutality – torture even – but enjoyable! Is it weird? ‘Drained Of Color’ begins with a groovy blast, all swept along by Hamilton’s massive double kick before shifting gears and launching into another auditory assault. I like that they have both death metal and black metal growls. ‘Carbonized’ turns up the brutality until ‘Rank And Defiled’ returns to superb death metal. “Lurid, Shocking And Vile” couldn’t have a better title as it’s all three wrapped up in a ball of animal aggression that continues “Undertaking The Overskilled” before “Nerotica” does the hat trick. ‘No Headstone Unturned’ goes down a beat and grooves a bit then it spins left and fades with a smile on its face like ‘Defecated’ does – who writes a song about shit? Exhumed do and they throw it everywhere which brings us to the final cut ‘Disgusted’ which wraps things up in a riot of extreme metallic noise.

It’s the extreme of the extreme – music to hurt and seriously piss off your neighbors, but oddly cathartic. Exhumed does what it does better than anyone in my opinion. The uninitiated might call it noise, but to these ears the main riffs and breaks sound great, and the beats push you into submission and, as already stated, they have both death and black vocals. metal. Not for the faint of heart but a great example of the most extreme metal.

Rating: 8/10

Reviewed By: Smudge

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