September 28, 2022

Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown – Shake The Roots review

Released by: Rattle Shake Records

Release date: September 9, 2022

Genre: Blues Rock


Line up:

Tyler Bryant – guitar/vocals

Caleb Crosby – drums

Graham Whitford – guitar

List of tracks:

1. Bare bones

2. Isn’t It Watered Down

3.Ghost Rider

4. Roots

5. Hard learned

6. Chains

7. Off the Rails

8. Good Thing

9. Sell yourself

10. Tennessee

11. Sunday no-show

12. Midnight Oil

Always a risky move in establishing acts is the decision to change things up musically and do something that strays a bit further from some of their past works. I guess you can say the same with Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown. On their latest offering, the guys not only did some bass-inspired licks and beats, but also decided to release the album via Rattle Shake Records. In a way, that’s unsurprising because the band has always cooked up a DYI attitude with everything they do, so a grassroots-inspired record seems to do the trick. How far from their sound did they go? We’ll take a look.

The single “Ain’t None Watered Down” plays over its basic beats, and TB and the boys certainly take it back to their nu metal roots. The snake charmer’s riff presents an illuminating chorus here, though simplistic in form but dirty in its spine, it gets what the band are trying to deliver just right. Another cut top comes via “Ghostrider” which provides a big opening riff, which drives Tyler to kick his vocals into high gear, a rhythmic chorus line and drum line which portrays TBT in all its glory, and manages to retain enough of their past endeavors with a hint of heaviness and sharp guitar riffs.

The song “Roots” has all the feels as Tyler sings about his past influences and pays homage to Roosevelt Twitty “Rosie”, one of his inspirations when he learned to play. This melody is moving, honest and conveys pure emotion. The frenetic tempo of “Off The Rails” kicks things up a notch, the vibe of this one makes you trip, and the guitars just sting what happens to be one of the most upbeat tracks on the record. A tribute to “Tennessee” embodies the vibe of the record as Tyler boasts of “Ain’t No Place Like Nashville, Tennesse”, a lovely roots track that embodies the overall vibe of the album.

Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown have never strayed too far from their true roots, still influenced enough by their past music to set them apart in their sound. On “Shake The Roots” we have a full album dedicated and committed more than ever to what the heart truly feels. In many ways, he plays for a band that isn’t afraid to wear its influences on its sleeves. Yes, they can make a hard-rock record, or mix it up and play folk-inspired blues rock, the result is always refreshing.

Rating: 8/10

Reviewed by: Shadow Editor

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