September 28, 2022

Thundermother – Black and Gold – Review

Label: AFM Records

Released: August 19e 2022

Genre: Heavy Rock

List of tracks:

1 – Light in the sky

2 – Black and gold

3 – Raise your hands

4 – Damn hot

5 – Wasted

6 – Caution

7 – I don’t know you

8 – Does not look like hooks

9 – Strong and free

10 – Try with love

11 – Stratosphere

12 – Borrowed time


Guernica Mancini – Vocals,

Filippa Nassil – Guitar,

Mona ‘Demona’ Lindgren – Bass,

Emlee Johansson – Drums,

Here we go – rock’n’roll! Another slice of action from the now four piece Thundermother. The group envisions this step up from 2020’s “Heat Wave.” Kicking things off with the arena “Light In The Sky” which is sure to draw a crowd. The title track takes you on pure AC/DC rocker with guitarist Filippa Nassil going through a voice box, then “Raise Your Hands” stomps along with some “woooaah” before “Hot Mess” drops it to a ballad of Aerosmith-style power.

Guernica Mancini shows a real soul side in her voice. ‘Wasted’ brings rock n roll again – it’s a riff that’s been used a thousand times before but who cares because it rips like a bastard. “Watch Out” has a Motorhead vibe to it, making it serious, so heed the warning! More AC/DC-isms on ‘I Don’t Know You’ which like another huge rocker on life in a rock band before you were told about yourself again on ‘Looks No Hooks’. “Loud And Free” is a full rocker that has you banging your head and pumping your fist. “Try With Love” is absolutely classy – a wicked riff and great lyrics before “Stratosphere” turns into another road tale ballad on “Borrowed Time” – very Scorpions.

Thundermother doesn’t do anything new but they do what they do very well. Mancini has a wonderful voice, Nassil knows his way around a fretboard, and the rhythm section of Mona Lindgren and Emlee Johansson are tightly knit, providing solid bass. It’s – mostly – beer-guzzling rock n roll, though the band do offer some great ballads for respite. Summers here, so pick up the pace and annoy the neighbors with a few beers. You will not be disappointed.

Rating: 7/10

Reviewed By: Smudge

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