December 1, 2022

Threshold – Review of dividing lines

Released By: Nuclear Blast Records

Release date: November 18, 2022

Genre: Progressive Metal


Line up:

Glynn Morgan | voice

Karl Groom | guitars

Richard West | keyboards

Steve Anderson | low

John James | drums

List of tracks:

01. Haunted 5:05
02. Hall of Echoes 6:17
03. Let It Burn 6:49
04. Silent 4:36
05. The Domino Effect 11:03
06. Complex 5:49
07. King of Nothing 5:07
08. Lost on the way 5:20
09. Run 3:59
10. Defense requirement 10:42

UK Prog Metal Masters are finally back with more new music. Returning is singer Glynn Morgan who was brought on board to replace Damian Wilson before and after the ‘For the Journey’ record. Morgan recorded the band’s latest album “Legends of the Shires”, which stayed true to Threshold’s long and steady history of quality progressive albums. Threshold has consistently ranked among the best in high quality Prog Metal, along with Symphony X and Evergrey.

It’s been 5 years since that release and here we have the newly titled “Dividing Lines”, the band’s now 12th studio recording. Founder Karl Groom describes the record as a darker sequel to “Legends”. And judging by some of the lyric songs and titles on the new one, I can see that description playing in my ears.


As things keep rolling; really enjoyed the frenetic pace of “Let It Burn”, with its high impact lyrical onslaught, Glynn Morgan does a great job of delivering some really great vocals here, and the guitars and drums are super crisp, one of the coolest melodies quickest and fastest on the album. Karl Groom’s usual melodic guitar solos are displayed here wonderfully at mid-pace. One of the highlights of “Dividing Lines”. Synths and keyboards play a nice role in “Silenced”, here once again we feature a high-rise choir courtesy of Morgan. The rhythm and bass complement the keys perfectly, and the use of distortion in the vocals, something Threshold has consistently implemented in their music over the years, gives the song that signature Threshold edge.

Threshold has always provided long proportions of Epics of Prog flavors and here we have two such examples, one comes via “The Domino Effect”, a slowly moody groove that leads into a nice metal attack effect that culminates in impactful arrangements throughout. The songwriting here shines with impunity, and Glynn once again does a terrific job in the highs and on the choruses. This melody has moments of ups and downs like some of these epics do for guys, but later picks up its heaviness with a nice ending. Never a dull moment here.

Threshold just delivers every time they release an album, there’s no doubt about that. The musicianship is still top-notch, the vocals are on point, and the writing serves up a mature concept that reflects daily struggles and humanity. The imagery of their music and works has always awakened new things every time you listen to their music. With ‘Dividing Lines’ you get much the same as the last two releases, sprinkled in with some of their earlier work, but a progression of finesse in style and artistry. Almost correct on all levels.

Written by: Shadow Editor

Rating: 8/10

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