June 22, 2022

The similarities between an online magazine and the Taquero

Photo courtesy of BELatina.

Every Latina deserves to work in a passionate space in the industry of her choice. They deserve to thrive and excel in their dream job and live off what makes them happy.

On the surface, each of us – from musicians to writers, engineers to astronauts, and beyond the ever-changing career spectrum – seems to be completely different. However, we all experience similar situations in our hearts that ultimately connect us to our communities. Ultimately, we all strive to do our best and put every inch of our passion into our chosen labor of love.

In writing for an online magazine such as BELatina NewsI see many connections between the media industry and other industries like cooking – more specifically, a taquero.

It may seem silly to compare the two as they are totally different companies, but the media, especially the independent ones, are as resilient as your local provider. Personally, this resonates with me on a deeper level as a freelancer. This means that behind it all, it’s up to me to plan, prepare and achieve my goals in order to stay afloat, the same way your local supplier has to.

In a recent conversation with my mother (who has a wave idea of ​​what I do on a daily basis), she casually asked me to call “out of work”. She didn’t realize that as a freelance writer, if I don’t work, I don’t get paid. I don’t have paid holidays like my brothers and sisters. To this, I replied: “si no trabajo, no como, ma [if I don’t work, I don’t eat, mom]and that (dramatic) statement is something I kept thinking about. It’s a phrase I’m sure many use, especially your local supplier. If they don’t work, they don’t earn money. As simple as that.

In solidarity with my local small business community, I wanted to further explore our similarities; hoping that one day people (like my non-tech-savvy family) will find empathy and better understand what the self-employed are going through.

Here are some similarities between an online magazine and your local taquero:

We always hope for the best

As an online magazine, we write to the best of our abilities, research the most accurate information possible, and provide the most entertaining and compelling content possible, such as the taquero or local vendor who offers you the best taco or product. food that they are able to create. We always hope for the best but do the work behind it.

Preparation is a must

Between scheduling my interviews, my articles, my pitch, and setting aside much-needed research time — I’m sure I’m prepared (much like the “set-up” in food spaces) and ready to go before the beginning of the week. In this way, a taquero must also do preparations such as finding suppliers, training their staff, maintaining a clean kitchen and marketing their product. If we fail to prepare, we probably won’t reach our goal.

Budgeting is key

Of course, ezines would love to cover everything – new music releases, interviewing all your influencers, CEOs, etc. But we have to think about our budget, similar to that of a local supplier. Like your favorite taco shop, we need to realistically budget and account for every expense. With respect to online magazines: we budget for advertising space, marketing, editorial space and promotional techniques (among others); while taco shops factor in budget considerations for every food ingredient needed, cleaning supplies, general store supplies they may need, as well as promotional expenses. There has to be some form of profit for the numbers to work.

We are passionate and resilient in our profession

Asi es! In delivering e-magazine editorial content, we are always passionate and remain resilient even though we know there are constant mass layoffs in the media industry – but we remain positive! According to Pew Research Center, “Employment in US newsrooms has fallen 26% since 2008.” However, we remain resilient. Likewise, taqueros are aware of many aspects surrounding their product, such as constant gentrification in small areas, competitors based on the next viral phenomenon, etc. However, believing in your craft will allow you to continue working. Passion will prevail.

We give it our all

As we said before, we succeed because we give our all. As Latinas, what is crystal clear is that we give our one hundred percent to whatever we believe in. We are dreamers, overachievers and hard workers. badass. It doesn’t matter what career field you belong to; you know that these five similarities also apply to you. That’s the beauty of our strong culture!