December 1, 2022

The second volume of Playwrights Horizons’ literary magazine, ALMANAC, will be released in print in December

Playwrights Horizons will publish the second volume of its pioneering literary magazine, Almanac, in print in December. With Almanac, the organization offers its unique community of playwrights and theater makers an outlet for work in other mediums – essays, poems, drawings, etc., both alongside and in response to productions stage of the organization – which make the point Culture.

Almanac Volume 2 is brought together by a dynamic team of Playwrights Horizons staff who collaborate as an Editorial Board, led by Associate Artistic Director Natasha Sinha and Literary Director Lizzie Stern, who serve as the publication’s Managing Editors. They write: “Playwrights Horizons launched Almanac in 2020, during a time of pandemic, protest and existential crisis – a time when theater artists had little outlet for their invaluable insight. Like Playwrights Horizons itself, Almanac considers playwrights as great literary figures, understanding that their singular perspectives and imaginations spark a vital and rich cultural discourse.As Almanac now continues in tandem with stage productions, it offers a rare opportunity for interaction between responses prismatic to the work performed and the genesis of new autonomous writings and conversations.

Almanac Volume 2 revisits and delves into conversations around plays that premiered in the 2021-22 season at Playwrights Horizons: What to Send Up When it Goes Down by Aleshea Harris, Selling Kabul by Sylvia Khoury, Tambo & Bones by Dave Harris, Wish You by Sanaz Toossi Were Here and Corsicana by Will Arbery. The writing in many forms of Aleshea Harris, Heather Raffo, Anne Washburn, Natasha Sinha, Anaïs Duplan, Lizzie Stern, Heidi Schreck, Martyna Majok, Jia Tolentino, Aydan Shahd and Ryan J. Haddad extends from these plays. Adam Greenfield, Deborah Margolin, Mara Nelson-Greenberg, Deepali Gupta, Mextly Couzin, Agnes Borinsky, Adam Coy, David Zheng and Jorge Ignacio Cortiñas offer other bold texts, plays, poetry, letters and play crossword puzzle on the theme of Sondheim. .

In addition to highlighting writings published over the past year, the print edition of Almanac Volume 2 includes Plays as Shapes, for which Playwrights Horizons commissioned Aleshea Harris, Sarah Ruhl, Mia Chung, Abe Koogler, Agnes Borinsky, Christopher Chen, and Jordan Harrison to illustrate the form of their pieces in interpretative visual portraits. The publication’s editorial board explained, in a statement, “At Playwrights Horizons, we are often impressed by how plays can take all sorts of forms. While many playwrights beautifully carve their plays into an Aristotelian culminating structure , not all theatrical works aim for rising action that reaches a climax before resolving. A great play can exist and accumulate in multiple ways. To get a visual sense of a true range of artistic expression, we asked some of our favorite playwrights to draw the ‘shape’ of one of their own plays.”

The Almanac team also includes Jordan Best (Graphic Design Manager), Adam Greenfield (Artistic Director), Teresa Bayer (Director of Marketing), Alison Koch (Director of Communications), Billy McEntee (Editor), Fiona Selmi (Editor) and May Treuhaft-Ali (editor).

About Playwrights Horizons

Playwrights Horizons is a writers’ theater dedicated to developing contemporary American playwrights and producing innovative new work. In a city rich in cultural offerings, Playwrights Horizons’ 51-year-old mission is unique among theaters of its size; the organization has distinguished itself with an unwavering commitment to centering and advancing the playwright’s voice. It is an always timely and necessary mission in the continued evolution of theater in this country.

Playwrights Horizons believes that playwrights are the great storytellers of our time, offering essential contributions to civic discourse and illuminating life’s greatest paradoxes. And they believe in the uniqueness of a writer’s voice, valuing the broad, eclectic spectrum and diversity of American writers. At Playwrights Horizons, writers are supported at every stage of their growth through Commissions (engaging many of today’s most imaginative playwrights each year), New Works Lab, the Soundstage audio program, the Lighthouse Project and Almanac , the organization’s magazine.

Playwrights Horizons presents a season of productions on its two stages each year, each a world, US or New York premiere. Much like the work of Playwrights Horizons, their audience is risk-taking and adventurous; and the organization is committed to building their engagement and nurturing their curiosity across all of its programming, on-site and online.