December 1, 2022

The New Roses – Sweet Poison Review

Released by: Napalm Records

Release date: October 21, 2022

Genre: Hard Rock


line up;

Timmy Rough
Normandy bites
Urban Berz

List of tracks:

1. My kinda crazy
2. Playing with fire
3. Everything I’ve Ever Needed
4. The Usual Suspects
5. Warpaint
6. Dead of Night
7. True love
8. 1st time for everything
9. Sweet Glory
10. The Lion in you
11. The Veins of This City

German hard rockers THE NEW ROSES have big shoes to fill: their fourth album “Nothing But Wild” was a big hit and quite simply their best album to date. For me, it was even my album of the year in 2019.

This group has made a huge development over the past 11 years. It all started with southern rock music on their debut album. They later got a little tougher on their sequel “Dead Man’s Voice.” The third “One More for the Road” was influenced by country music and on “Nothing But Wild” the band showed their love for the huge stadium anthem rock of the glorious 80s.


The new record “Sweet Poison” hits stores on October 21st and combines all of these elements from previous albums, making it THE NEW ROSES’ best ever. You still have the great catchy arena rock tunes like “Usual Suspects”, “My Kinda Crazy” or “1st Time for Everything” that you can easily sing along to after one listen. Then you have very soulful ballads like “All I Ever Needed”, “True Love” and “The Veins Of This Town” which never sound too cheesy. There’s also a fun boogie rocker, called “Sweet Gloria”, that gets you moving. And of course you have the heavier tracks in the vein of their second album like ‘Warpaint’, ‘Dead Of Night’ and ‘The Lion in you’. Especially these songs show what singer Timmy Rough is capable of. He sounds simply amazing on this record and delivers his best performance yet. He strikes just the right balance of emotion and dirt in his voice, which makes him so unique.

The writing of the songs is also at the rendezvous. There just isn’t a bad or mediocre song on this album. It has a perfect flow and lots of variety. The band sounds tight too and the production is ballsy. If I can criticize one thing, it’s the fact that this album is a bit short. These 11 songs left me so hungry for more. I would have liked to have 2 more pieces on it. I still prefer “Nothing But Wild” as a whole, because it focused more on rockers in the vein of bands like Bon Jovi, but that’s just personal taste.

All in all, this is another monster of an album that any fan of stadium-sized classic hard rock should add to their collection. It’s quite simply once again one of the best albums of the year!

Written by: Thomas Schwarzkopf

Rating: 9/10

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