September 28, 2022

The Halo Effect – Days Of The Lost Review

Released By: Nuclear Blast Records

Release date: August 12, 2022

Genre: Melodic Death Metal


Line up:

Mikael Stanne | Voice
Nicolas Engelin | Guitar
Jesper Strömblad | Guitar
Pierre Iwers | Low
Daniel Svenson | Drums

List of tracks:

Shadow spirits
days of the lost
The useless end
In broken trust
A truth worth lying
Feel what I believe
Last of our kind
the loneliest

‘The Needless End’ EP had already given reason to expect great things, and now the time has come. The Halo Effect arrives with its first album in record stores. That Gothenburg is the birthplace of very well done melodic death metal has been known ever since In Flames and Dark Tranquility took the metal world by storm. Today, The Halo Effect proves that Sweden’s second largest city is one of the great metropolises of metal.

The Halo effect is sort of a product of the pandemic. Suddenly, time was no longer the issue as everyone had more time than desired. So five old friends got together to bring an old idea to life. As you surely know, the five guys who are raving the metal world like The Halo Effect are no newbies. Niclas Engelin, Jesper Strömblad, Mikael Stanne, Peter Iwers and Daniel Svensson, they all have a long history in different bands. In Flames and Dark Tranquility are the nicknames that are closely associated with the guys mentioned and have basically shaped the sound of Gothenburg.
The advantage that the five guys have as The Halo Effect is that they could start relatively without expectations. The creation of the album was therefore rather natural and the creation of the songs was born out of the situation and spontaneity. This is often heard in the album.

It’s not that ‘Days of the Lost’ offers a revolutionary new sound. Rather, it’s the ease described in the creative process that makes the record one of this year’s best releases.
Songs like “In Broken Trust” show the full range of The Halo Effect. On the one hand, there are massive riffs and a very dark vibe, which dominate the verse. In contrast, comes the chorus, with Stanne’s clear vocals like a well-made arc of tension.

However, the beginning is made with ‘Shadowminds’ a song which is already known. What stands out immediately is the enormous density of sound. Also, the feeling of a good melody line becomes evident, an ingredient that runs through the whole album. In this context, it should also be mentioned that Matt Healy from Trivium contributes with some vocals, which gives the song a certain plus.

‘Gateways’ has a basic anthem character and appeals immediately and the happy melody that accompanies ‘Feel What I Believe’ as a motif is of the finest. With ‘The Most Alone’ The Halo Effect closes the doors and one is involuntarily inclined to press the start button again. “Days of the Lost” instantly appeals and yet has a lot to offer. Slowly, the songs unfold a deeper and deeper impact. The Halo Effect delivers the start of the year and you may be curious how it will continue with the band because with an album and a few festival appearances it’s definitely not done.

Written by: Markus Wiedenmann

Rating 9/10

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