December 1, 2022

Tegan and Sara – Crybaby – Retro Pop

Released: October 21

Canadian pop duo Tegan and Sara return with their 10th studio album “Crybaby”.

The twins, who have been recording together for more than two decades, get back in shape with their latest offering, which sees them working collaboratively on demo stage tracks.

“It was the first time that, while we were still writing our demos, we thought about how the songs would work together,” Tegan explains. “It wasn’t even just Sara making lyrical changes or rearranging parts of my songs, it was also saying to me, ‘This song is going to be faster’ or ‘It’s going to be in a different key. ‘.”

It’s a process that has brought out the best in the pair’s material, with Sara becoming a producer and elevating tracks such as the runaway opener. I can’t grow and magnificent all i wanted to pop perfection.

What stands out on first listen is the quality of the material and the conviction of the singers across the set, which sounds like a necessary recording in their repertoire. After the release of their memoir “High School,” the pair had no plans to record, but when they entered the studio in Seattle with producer John Congleton, the creative spark struck and Sara delivered. tracks such as dancefloor-ready I’m fine and the sweet, hymn Yellow.

Meanwhile, Tegan’s agonizing offerings Fuck what matters, Smoking weed alone and Pretty shitty time adding attitude to the collection – a quality that elevates ‘Crybaby’ as one of their most captivating releases to date.

As for the title of the collection, its meaning is intriguing; appearing as a chorus in the bridge to the catchy under my controlFor years the duo avoided the words “cry” and “baby” in their songs, but this time around they wanted to explore new contexts for the words, both separately and together.

“One of the major themes on this record is the empowerment that comes with being vulnerable and coming to terms with your feelings,” says Tegan. “As adults, we take away all that tension, anxiety, sadness, disappointment and we’re just a mess. So there’s something powerful about “crybaby,” because it’s like, “Yeah, I’m gonna be a fucking disaster, and that’s awesome.”

It’s a notion that captures the essence of ‘Crybaby’; Across 12 tracks, Tegan and Sara deliver a record that’s quintessentially pop, while exposing their innermost thoughts and feelings and bringing fans closer than ever to the minds behind the music.

‘Crybaby’ is available now.