December 1, 2022

Talas – 1985 Review – Your Online Magazine for Hard Rock and Heavy Metal

Published by: Metal Blade Records

Release date: September 20, 2022

Genre: Hard Rock


Line up:

Phil Naro
Billy Sheehan
Kire Nazhdovsky
Mark Miller

List of tracks:

1. Internal mounting flame
2. I will take the night
3. Crystal clear
4. Don’t try to stop me tonight
5. Do you feel better
6. On the take
7. Come when you call
8. The power to detach
9. Black and Blue
10. Near the Killer
11. 7IHd h

Buffalo’s rock ‘n’ roll legends are back!!! Billy Sheehan’s 80s rockers managed after so long to get together and finish recordings that we mostly finished in 1985. Always amazing to see bands that never appeared, and by that I don’t mean No disrespect to Talas, they should have been bigger than they were. Their melodic hooks and anthem-laden material they released on their self-titled debut in 1979 and later went further with their follow-up with “Sink Your Teeth Into That” are fantastic records, especially for fans. that we love. Riot, Y&T etc.
This time around the lineup consists of Sheehan on bass, the late great Phil Naro who passed away last year after a long battle with cancer but managed to record vocals for the record before his untimely death, drummer Mark Miller and newcomer Kire Najdovski on guitar.

Talas wastes no time as they go retro style with the towering “Inner Mountain Flame”, this one is a speed killer with Naro’s pipes taking over as the ultra tight rhythm/bass crushes with precision. The blistering pace continues with “I’ll Take The Night” with another sultry, up-tempo number, killer guitar stabs and Sheehan’s monster crushing it, memories of Mr. Big’s first free previews here. The font-inspired number “Crystal Clear,” sounds like it’s straight out of an ’80s time capsule, another lead number with an addictive beat and chorus and hooks dripping with nostalgia.

When listening to “Come When You Call”, this track and one-track burner kicks into high gear, with an addictive beat, and the verse here sounds like something straight out of a UFO – Stranger In The Night – same vibes. Sheehan’s bass playing is majestic again, and Naro’s voice is outstanding here. The only unrecorded song in 1985 was “Black and Blue” and it plays very well into the overall scheme of the record, with a more laid back groovy/bluesy beat that throbs with freshness. The last song on the record features a Sheehan bass solo, what a brass on the guy, super cool ending to an outstanding album.

The album cover was conceptualized by legendary artist Hugh Syme (Rush, Fates Warning) who provides the classic Delorean from the Back to The Future films, perfectly portraying the entire core of this album. Even better, Naro’s son, James, makes an appearance on the record, also singing some harmonies, in a superb tribute to his late father. This one has so many hooks, tight grooves, sharp machinations that have been left mostly untouched, as Billy said most of the songs were left as they were in 1985, what a treat. The musicians are just outstanding, what you would expect from Billy, Mark Miller’s drum work is wonderful and Phil’s voice is noble and beautiful, RIP for a great singer.

“1985” kind of epitomizes the band’s early journey of playing tons of gigs and taking years for the guys to land a record deal, and as Sheehan said, “Because a lot of them were there, with us, and a million other great bands who made the 80s such a special musical experience.” What a gem of a release, congratulations on seeing it through to the end and for the many legions of fans we’ve been there before, they’ll be there again for sure.One of the best releases we’ve heard all year!!!

Written by: Shadow Editor

Rating: 9/10

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