September 28, 2022

Syryn – Heads or Tails – Review

Independent Release

August 26e 2022


List of tracks:

Until we drown
walk on the plank
Sink or swim
madness becomes me
Fist Full Of Daggers – guest vocals Craig Carswell (producer, singer/songwriter, Dorians Mirror, Court of Cardinals)
Heads or tails
Succubus Queen – guest vocals Amanda Kiernan (ex-The Order of Chaos, ex-Into Eternity)


Sloan Voxx – Vocals,

Paulo Rage – Guitar,

Byron Gorieu – Guitar,

Lyxx Rose – Bass,

Bryan Campbell – Drums,

Here’s another one from the thriving metal scene in Calgary, Alberta. There must be something in the water of the Bow River because the metal is flooding us, make no mistake. Syryn draws their influences from most types of metal and it shows because they are into everything – even pirate metal! ‘Surrender’ opens with screaming sirens (geddit?) Lyxx Rose noodles a bit, then the guitarists start with a choppy riff before Sloan Voxx sings over it – they let it build gradually and they’re off on the chorus plus a load of ‘woooooaaah’ (a bit too much if I’m being honest). ‘Til We Drown’ is an early Maiden-esque roll that nods with a wonderful chorus, then we get ‘Walk The Plank’ which is pure NWOBHM and pure classy footing on the metal monitor. Voxx shows its range on this with a band like this giving it big.

‘Sink Or Swim’ continues the good work although it is shredded and there are more of those ‘Wooooaaah’s.

It’s ballad time on ‘Madness Becomes Me’ where they set the right atmosphere and Voxx’s lyrical voice soars over a majestic riff.

“Fist Full Of Daggers” has great ax work on the intro, then it gets heavy with a choppy riff – there’s a killer voice from someone adding to the weight. ‘Heads Or Tails’ is a great slab of melodic metal where the band added a few undertones and more of those bloody ‘Woooaaah’s. The final cut ‘Succubus Queen’ is another power metal beast with Gorieu and Rage giving it great and Voxx again showing what it can do.

I really enjoyed that – there’s a lot going on and like I mentioned before they go through loads of metal genres sometimes in one song. My only criticism is the blend. The guitars could be sharper and the drums sharper, but I’m just being picky because the songs are great and really well executed. Rage and Gorieu can riff and shred with the best of them, the rhythm section drives the songs and the icing on the cake is Voxx’s vox! If you like ANY type of metal, you’ll love this. Come on, try those crazy Canucks. Go Flames!!

Rating: 8/10

Reviewed By: Smudge

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