December 1, 2022

Sweden’s richest people (November 12, 2022)

As of November 12, 2022, Stefan Persson was Sweden’s richest man, with an estimated net worth of US$15.6 billion., followed by Melker Schorling (#2, $9.8 billion), Finn Rausing (#3, $9.0 billion); and Jorn Rausing (#4, $9.0 billion).

Kirsten Rausing is Sweden’s fifth richest person at $9.0 billion. Frederik Paulsen ranked 6th with personal wealth of $7.0 billion, followed by Antonia Ax:son Johnson with $6.8 billion. Gustaf Douglas is ranked 8th with a net worth of $6.3 billion. Carl Bennet (6.2 billion dollars) occupied the 9th position among the 10 richest people in Sweden.


  1. Stefan Persson: $15.6 billion
  2. Melker Schorling & family: $9.8 billion
  3. Finn Rausing: $9.0 billion
  4. Jorn Rausing: $9.0 billion
  5. Kirsten Rausing: $9.0 billion
  6. Frederik Paulsen: $7.0 billion
  7. Antonia Axe: son Johnson and family: $6.8 billion
  8. Gustav Douglas: $6.3 billion
  9. Bennet Carl: $6.2 billion
  10. Fredrik Lundberg: $5.7 billion
  11. Bertil Hult: $4.2 billion
  12. Erik Selin: $2.7 billion
  13. Eric Douglas: $2.7 billion
  14. Carl Douglas: $2.6 billion
  15. Martin Lorentzon: $2.1 billion
  16. Dan Olsson: $2.0 billion
  17. Lottie Tham and her family: $2.0 billion
  18. Daniel Ek: Torbjorn Tornqvist: $1.8 billion
  19. Torbjorn Tornqvist: $1.8 billion
  20. Katarina Martinson: $1.8 billion

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