September 28, 2022

Skid Row – The whole gang review here


Released: October 14, 2022


Line up:

Erik Grönwall – Vocals
Snake Sabo – Guitars
Scotti Hill – Guitars
Rachel Bolan – Bass
Rob Hammersmith – Drums

List of tracks:

“Against all odds”
“The whole gang is here”
“Not Dead Yet”
“Time bomb”
“Nowhere Fast”
“When the Lights Come On”
“Destroy it”
“October Song”
“The world is on fire”

The trials and tribulations of former HEAT vocalist Erik Grönwall have been well documented lately. From his health battle with acute lymphocytic leukemia to weeks of hospital treatment to landing the gig with Skid Row to garner critical acclaim (not to anyone’s surprise, given his talent). It’s been quite a whirlwind for Erik as he now tours tirelessly with Skid Row in support of their new record ‘The Gang’s All Here’.

This album is the culmination of a homecoming of sorts for Skid, a band that has endured many challenges in the past with much-loved and former frontman Sebastian Bach, and the sentimental attachments many fans have for the singer. . And rightly so, we cling to the voices that made these songs what they are and influenced generations of Rockers. But time and time again, we’ve seen how some of these iconic bands have returned, by popular demand and brought on board new vocalists, very capable of singing the old stuff, while breathing new life into new music. .

They are simple people, do you want your band to stay and continue making music? Of course, it might not be with that singer or that guitarist who once was. Skid Row evolved, all the parties evolved, and the split with Bach happened in 1996, that’s all she wrote.

Welcome to Grönwall the crazy Swede, for outlets like us who cover so much music, it’s no surprise how fit he is and why he’s the perfect guy for the job. Super strong voice and range, charismatic guy, with a lot of “Yough Gone Wild” in him to do the old songs justice, but not like a clone of Mr. Bach himself. At the same time, you have a young vocalist who can bring a collaborative vibe and work ethic to a veteran band and help them create vibrant new rock music once again. And judging by the debut here, all the gears have been kicked up a notch and the new Skid Row is ready to embark on yet another rebirth of a journey.

Opener “Hell Or High Water” is the most Skid Row on the record I think, a perfect intro, peak and basic guitar madness you’d expect from old school Skid fans. Erik is soaring here and the guys take you all back to the 80s with this one burner tune. Easily the best song on the album.


The thick bass in “Time Bomb” stands out as Bolan provides a nice stop-and-go beat that amps the song up over Erik’s gritty vocals. The sharp guitars of “Resurrected” fly at you with what recalls the early days of Skid Row. The rhythm here is very noticeable and the chorus is strong, as is Rob Hammersmith’s patented Skid drumming. This track has screaming guitars throughout with great work provided by Snake Sabo and Scotti Hill. The album’s title track also has its moments of glory, as twin guitars have sharp moments, punk-inspired choruses go wild, and Erik just keeps doing what he does. “Tear It Down” has a flamboyant attitude throughout, with a top-notch chorus and heavy riffing, another song that stands out with artful appeal.

End of the day you; get a band that needed a big revival and a transfusion of new blood, which is exactly what Grönwall provided. And I gotta say cover guys Direct a few months ago you felt the energy in the band, the attitude, the new purpose of playing live. Yeah the new songs sound great but you also get a competent singer who isn’t trying to be what he isn’t Erik can hit all the notes Bach could in his heyday but the goal is still the same. They’re here with new music and come together as a band to birth The Gang’s All Here. A collaborative effort that shows in its final product.

My best advice is to get into this one without waiting for days gone by, no pun intended…it’s the new Skid Row in 2022. Give the songs a chance, don’t compare things to the music that was once very long since. It’s hard for longtime fans not to, but if you give the album a chance based on the new influx of energy and all the hard work, you’ll find plenty of standout songs that can put the band in the limelight as they enter the twilight of their career.

Written by: shadow editor

Rating 8/10

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