December 1, 2022

Simple Minds – Direction of the Heart – Retro Pop

Released: October 21

The Simple Minds revisit their best anthem from their latest album ‘Direction Of The Heart’.

The nine-track set – the band’s first release since 2018’s “Walk Between Worlds” – is a vibrant celebration of life, albeit with poignant beginnings.

Opening with single lead thing of sightWith music written by guitarist Charlie Burchill and lyrics by frontman Jim Kerr, the song is a tribute to the singer’s “best pal”, his late father who passed away in 2019.

It sets the tone for a concise collection that encapsulates the essence of Simple Minds’ past and present, not least because it draws inspiration from the band’s earlier work, reimagined through the prism of the present.

Thunder Planet Zero was born in August 2011 during the ‘Greatest Hits + Europe Tour’, while act of love is a reimagining of one of the first songs written in 1978 by Jim and Charlie, coinciding with the band’s first performance at Glasgow’s Satellite City in January 1978.

In addition to the duo’s new collaborations, bassist Ged Grimes also contributes as a co-writer on the single. First you jumphaving written a cut album Solstice Kiss during the ‘Big Music’ sessions in 2014, with the track now finding its way onto ‘Direction Of The Heart’.

Though streamlined, the energetic set more than makes up for the shortened track list with the quality of its offerings, which includes human traffickingfeaturing a guest appearance by Sparks frontman Russell Mael.

Closing the set is an electrifying cover of Call’s 1983 single The walls have fallenproving that Simple Minds still has a lot of life in it, 45 years after the start of its career.

“Direction Of The Heart” is one of the band’s most exciting and gripping releases, certainly in recent history, with Jim crediting the band with a desire to move forward through the strife of the past two years. for the stellar set.

“How to make an ‘Electro-rock’ record that feels good, in the worst moments? ‘Direction Of The Heart’ is the result of that challenge,” he says. “Who would have thought we would have so much fun creating it?”

Their fun is contagious and ‘Direction Of The Heart’ is a testament to the determination of one of the UK’s most enduring bands to remain creative and continue to deliver great pop music after decades at the top – may they keep going for a long time!

‘Direction of the heart’ is available now.