June 22, 2022

Seiwa supports gear measurement technology from Liebherr – Metrology and Quality News

In southwestern Japan, bordering the Sea of ​​Japan and Lake Shinji, one of the country’s largest inland lakes, lies the picturesque coastal town of Izumo. It is famous, among other things, for one of the oldest and most important Shinto shrines in Japan: Izumo Taisha. Not far away is the headquarters of Seiwa Corporation, one of Japan’s leading manufacturers of gear-making machine tools. For Toshihiko Tatsu, president and majority shareholder of Seiwa since 1994, this location has a special meaning: “In Japanese mythology, Izumo is the birthplace of the country. The art of forging and steel processing also has a long tradition here, which continues to inspire us as a mechanical engineering company.

Seiwa, which celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2020, is proud of its tradition as a customer-oriented solution provider: “With just under 100 employees, we supply leading companies in the Asian automotive industry and gear manufacturers worldwide”, explains President Tatsu. “We attach great importance to innovation and technological progress and have long been involved in research cooperation with universities and research centers.”

International business partnership

Seiwa Corporation recently began using Liebherr’s WGT 400 gear inspection machine to measure used tools for its customers. The manufacturer of machine tools for the gear industry relies on the excellent precision of the measuring instrument. Liebherr now also offers tool sharpeners made by Seiwa, in order to expand the product range for its customers.

Liebherr opened its own sales office in Japan in 2015. The contact between the two companies was established by Kiyoshi Iguchi, Director Sales & Service at Liebherr in Japan. Ultimately, Toshihiko Tatsu was won over by Liebherr’s presence as a complete supplier of tools, machinery and technology. This gives him confidence in the quality and precision of Liebherr’s measuring technology. Peter Wiedemann, Managing Director Sales of Liebherr-Verzahntechnik GmbH, expects new impulses for international business to result from the business partnership: “For us, the strategic partnership with Seiwa is a springboard to new markets, which we are happy to use.”

Universal and precise measurement of gears

Seiwa President Toshihiko Tatsu puts WGT 400 into service

The company is well known in the Asian market for the high quality of its products. Since March 2021, quality control of the tools used by Seiwa has been carried out on the Liebherr WGT 400 gear inspection machine. He is also available there for tests and customer presentations.

The WGT 400 is a universal gear inspection machine that is suitable for both gear and tool measurement and offers a high-quality alternative to other common inspection machines. Lapped granite guides, air bearings, precision rotary tables and Renishaw probing systems ensure the mechanical precision of the machine. On the WGT, all types of gears, shaft geometries, gear hobbing tools and other rotationally symmetrical parts can be measured – individually configured by Liebherr according to user requirements. Each model meets the Group 1 quality standard according to VDI/VDE 2612/2613 and measures gears from a module > 0.12.

The WGT is equipped with a comprehensive software package, which includes not only the measurement of gears and tools, but also the integrated measurement of chamfers. The measurement results can be evaluated according to different country-specific standards, for example according to JIS in Japan or AGMA in the USA.

In particular, Toshihiko Tatsu expects the Liebherr gear control device to optimize the precision and quality of measurement of tools used for machining very small parts: “We are currently working a lot on machines for the production of internal gears and gears with very small modules. We also hope for an increase in efficiency thanks to the high measurement speed of the WGT 400. The provision of real-time data is a real advantage: since our biggest customer, Honda, also uses a WGT 400, this will facilitate greatly the exchange of data.

Liebherr, in turn, is expanding its product range with tool grinding machines: The grinding machine from the FABRIS product line from Seiwa sharpens hobs for machining spur and helical gears. Until now, Seiwa machines have been well known in the Asian market, where their stability and precision are appreciated by manufacturers and users. Liebherr customers will now also benefit:We are taking this step because we are convinced of the quality of Seiwa machines”, said Kiyoshi Iguchi.

For more information: www.liebherr.com