June 22, 2022

SACE wins a grand prize at the 9th edition of the Global Brands Magazine Awards

SACE won the “Best Trade Credit Insurance Brand – Italy2021″ and “Excellence in Digital Trade Credit Solution- Italy2021. The congratulation ceremony will take place at the Palm Jumeirah – Waldorf Astoria early 2022 at dubai.

LONDON, April 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Global Brand Awards is an annual event organized by Global Brands Magazine (GBM), an international publication headquartered in the United Kingdom. The award aims to recognize global brands that achieve performance excellence across a wide range of industries while keeping its readers informed of key trends surrounding the world of branding. SACE was evaluated on customer service, satisfaction, digital innovation, strategic relationships and new business development.

Commenting SACE win prizes, Shiv Kumar (CEO of GBM) mentioned, “Since its creation, SACE has been supporting Italian companies, especially SMEs, and helping them achieve their growth objectives by Italy and abroad. With the constant assurance and financial support of SACE, Italian companies have succeeded in overcoming several barriers by diversifying their export markets. By helping companies to develop internationally and by digitizing its insurance-financial products, SACE has been able to maintain its place among the the most important export credit agencies around the world, and there is no doubt that they managed to win not one, but two awards. We wish them the best in their future endeavours, and hope that they will continue to support the businesses for years to come.”

About SACE

SACE is the Italian financial insurance company, controlled by the Ministry of Economy and Finance, specialized in supporting companies and the national economic fabric through a wide range of tools and solutions to support competitiveness in Italy and around the world. For more than forty years, SACE has been the partner of reference for Italian companies that export and develop in foreign markets.

It also supports the banking system to facilitate access to credit for companies with its financial guarantees, with a role reinforced by recent extraordinary measures that have expanded SACE’s mandate beyond traditional support for exports and internationalization. , adding important elements such as support for business investment in the internal market and guarantees for green projects in the implementation of the Italian Green New Deal.

A new mandate that makes SACE an institution committed to promoting the development of the country system. With a portfolio of insured transactions and guaranteed investments of 166 billion euros, SACE serves more than 33,000 companies, especially SMEs, by supporting their growth in Italy and in approximately 200 foreign markets.

Through its role as an export credit agency, exercised for more than 40 years, SACE supports Italian companies that export and develop in foreign markets. Its wide range of insurance-financial solutions, increasingly digitized and mainly dedicated to SMEs, supports companies throughout the internationalization process: from the first stages where it is essential to know and assess their counterparts, up to to highly specialized risk management tools such as credit insurance services and investment protection; guarantees required for participation in tenders; financial guarantees to access liquidity; to factoring and last resort services such as debt collection.

The wide range of insurance and financing solutions, as well as the attention paid to the digitization of its offer, earned SACE first place in the Global Brand Award for the “Best Trade Credit Insurance Brand – Italyand “Excellence in Digital Trade Credit Solutions – Italy“categories.

SACE’s mission has been broadened and strengthened in 2020 by a number of legislative measures in response to the global pandemic crisis and allows SACE to go beyond traditional support for exports and internationalization, also helping Italian companies in the domestic market, both in the emergency and in the recovery phases, playing a key role in the implementation of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan. Through this strengthened role, SACE will play a key role in italy recovery, supporting the liquidity of Italian companies and the country’s green transition.

On Global Brands Magazine (England)

Global Brands Magazine (GBM) has been at the forefront, bringing news, views and opinions on the brands shaping the future of their industry. the UK based magazine provides its readers with the latest news and information on ‘the best brands in their category worldwide. Each year, GBM develops a series of awards for companies that have stood out, having a unique vision, exceptional service, innovative solutions and consumer-centric products among their industry leaders.

About Global Brand Awards

Global Brand Awards rewards brands for the excellence of their performance and rewards companies from different sectors for the quality of their services. the Brand Awards highlight the achievements of organizations that have performed remarkably well in finance, education, hospitality, automotive, lifestyle, education, real estate, technology and many more. The Global Brand Awards recognize essential players who are advancing towards excellence by providing a platform to recognize their efforts. Additionally, GBM strives to raise awareness of the importance of these organizations and rewards them for their outstanding efforts with the ultimate global recognition.

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