December 1, 2022

Road blocked amid Bonfire Night chaos in Scotland’s capital

Part of Edinburgh has been quarantined by police following Bonfire Night chaos in the Scottish capital’s Niddrie district.

06 November 2022

A road was blocked by fire and motorbikes drove through part of the Scottish capital amid scenes of Bonfire Night chaos.

Specialist officers descended on the Niddrie area of ​​Edinburgh on Saturday night after a severe disturbance, which echoed scenes seen in Dundee earlier this week, with police urging people to stay indoors.

Footage shared online showed a motorcycle gang running through the streets with fireworks thrown at the ground, apparently aimed at people and vehicles.

Niddrie Mains Road has been closed by police officers (Dan Barker/PA)

Police closed Niddrie Mains Road to traffic, where earlier in the night a fire had been set to block the road to passing vehicles. There were also the remains of a temporary bus stop strewn across the street.

A police vehicle was also hit with a Molotov cocktail, officers said, but no one was injured.

Police Scotland said specialist officers had been deployed to the area of ​​the town as part of the force’s Operation Moonbeam, and said there had been “reports of various incidents including the ‘anti-social use of fireworks, a break-in at a store and roadblocks’. ”.

Edinburgh police vans
Specialist officers were deployed to the Niddrie area of ​​Edinburgh on Saturday (Dan Barker/PA)

A spokesperson for Police Scotland said members of the public should avoid this part of town amid ‘Bonfire Night-related youth unrest’.

The force spokesman added: ‘A police vehicle was also struck by a bottle containing a flammable substance – however, no damage was sustained and no injuries were reported.

“A strong police presence will be in place to address ongoing issues and ensure public safety.

“Residents of Niddrie are asked to stay indoors and not interfere with the ongoing emergency services response.”

And a spokesman for the Scottish Ambulance Service said: ‘Please avoid the Niddrie area of ​​Edinburgh and locals, please stay inside your properties.