December 1, 2022

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Today, singer, actress and performer Renee Rapp releases emotionally raw debut EP Everything to everyone Going through Interscope Recordings. The seven-song set is stacked with haunting ballads and polished pop anthems that highlight The sex life of college girls vocal prowess and versatile talent of the star.

Everything to everyone (Interscope Records) by Reneé Rapp is now available at all digital retailers HERE.

The stripped-down title track and EP opener explore Rapp’s desire to introduce himself to the important people in his life. The next step is the single of the multi-hyphen In the kitchen“,which reflects on a doomed relationship, and a brand new track titled “Colorado” who expresses his desire to leave Los Angeles. It’s the kind of unfiltered anthem that made its last outing, “Don’t Tell My Mom” so heartbreaking. On the track, Rapp details his tumultuous and tight-knit relationship with his mother. “Don’t tell my mother, I’m falling apart” she belts out minimalist synths. “She hurts when I hurt, my scars are her scars.” The EP is completed by the songs “What can I do,” “Very good,” and “Moon,” each of which features a slightly different nuance of Rapp’s musical palate. It’s the kind of collection with a song for every mood or emotional state.

After probably 4 years of talking about releasing a project, my EP is here,” Rapp said of the new version. “I’m anxious and super excited for you to hear it. I hope you like it. and if you don’t like it, please don’t tell me. I’m hyper sensitive.

The EP follows the singles »Don’t tell my mother“,In the kitchen,” and “Tattoos”, which amassed more than 22 million combined streams. Throughout his career, Rapp has shown a knack for captivating audiences with vibrant performances and unbridled energy. Apart from the music, she plays in the tube HBO Max series The sex life of college girls, which has its Season 2 premiere next week. It’s a role that demands brilliant comedic timing and dramatic prowess, which the newcomer has in spades. With Everything to everyoneRapp emphasizes the breadth and depth of his talent, moving from haunting ballads to uptempo pop anthems without missing a beat.


Renée Rapp knew she was born to play since she was a child. Even in his earliest memories, his love of music was ever present. “I couldn’t sit in the car if there was no music playing,” she says. “Otherwise I would cry all the time.” The North Carolina native began harnessing her natural creativity by writing and recording songs when she was just a teenager. Eventually, her career took off when she landed the coveted role of Regina George in the Tony nominee mean girls musical on Broadway. Soon after, she found widespread recognition and praise – from O, Harper’s Bazaarand The Hollywood Report for her performance as “Leighton” in the HBO Max series “The Sex Lives of College Girls” written by Mindy Kaling. Now, more empowered than ever, Rapp is turning his attention back to music, where sharing threadbare insecurities on “Tattoos” is just the beginning. “I was often called ‘crazy’ growing up because I didn’t know what was happening to me,” she says. “As I got older and started going to therapy, I reclaimed the word in a way that feels good to me.” In this song and the rest of his music to come, Rapp leans into a unique and bold showcase of vulnerability to connect with his ever-growing fandom. Eager to continue sharing her emotions with the world, Reneé has a lot more music on the way thanks to her recent signing to Interscope Records.

Renée Rapp “Everything for everyone”


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