December 1, 2022

Renault Trafic Premium 2023 review – hospitality

COVID-19 has been an upheaval for the hospitality industry, with many turning to more portable solutions due to strict lockdown restrictions. At the heart of this move was an increased reliance on vans to help move vital supplies and services across the country.

Renault’s third generation Trafic is one of those vans that has found popularity in the industry. A low-key builder since production began in 2014, its recent facelift has included updated in-car tech and robust security features, making it a contender for hospitality companies looking to improve or maintain newfound portability.

Case study
Joe Rizk, barista and owner of Ravenz Mobile Café is based in Sydney’s south and believes that a life on the road outweighs the costs and stresses of a physical business. A small business owner, he started his mobile cafe around nine years ago and racked up 114,000 miles on his Trafic bought in 2016.

The van proved to be a cost-effective and reliable mode of transportation to locations across the country, allowing Rizk to continue operating during the height of the pandemic.

With a lot of time in the van, Rizk had some key requirements. It had to be
reliable, economical and above all a great way to represent your company.
Reliability is something Renault has focused on and continues to do in this latest version of Trafic.

All variants are now powered by the 2.0-litre 125kW/380Nm diesel engine which has also benefited from further efficiency optimisations to reduce fuel consumption. For the car, Renault quotes an average consumption of 6.5 L/100 km in the combined cycle, while the manual consumes 7.2 L/100 km.

New Trafic is covered by a five-year or 200,000 km warranty which includes defined service intervals of every 12 months or 30,000 km, the first five services capped and up to five years of roadside assistance activated by the maintenance.

Best-in-class service intervals for minimizing downtime, a critical attribute in the hospitality industry. In addition to being efficient, ride comfort and cabin ergonomics are good both on city roads and on the highway. Despite its 1.7-1.9 tonne curb weight, Trafic’s suspension has a car-like quality that doesn’t punish those who spend long periods behind the wheel, with the quiet engine and bulkhead optional cab helping to gain the advantage on extended journeys.

The professional and modern exterior of the vehicle is a great way to represent your business according to Rizk. “I wanted barn doors because when it rains I have a cover that I made that attaches to the roof racks to provide shelter for customers,” explains the business owner.

“It would have been much harder and more expensive to do something like this with lift doors – that was a big factor why I went with the Renault Trafic. People know me from the signage; it there are a lot of white vans on the roads, but they know it’s me thanks to the personalized wrapping on the outside of my Renault Trafic.

Traffic is not only beauty outside and inside. Instant identification of this latest version of Trafic is an all-new front-end design. Ensuring it stands out with greater presence, new front styling includes full LED lighting and a redesigned bumper that complements the upright grille with chrome detailing.

Praised for its cargo space, it can support loads almost as long as its entire cabin,
thanks to a folding grommet in the partition which unlocks the space under the
passenger seat for long loads – up to 4150 mm in the case of the LWB or 3750 mm for
the SWB. New Trafic can carry a payload of up to 1,280 kg and has a towing capacity of 2.5 tonnes
capacity and an overall hold volume of 6.7 m3 on the LWB variant. Up to 16 tie-down points are available, providing plenty of options for securing a load.

“It was the way the van was designed that influenced my decision to buy a Trafic,” adds Rizk. “I needed a van with two side doors and rear barn doors and I liked the Renault because the interior design gave me plenty of space to convert it into a coffee van. It has a generator, a coffee machine, 100L of water and a fridge.

It is the reliable, cost-effective and quality nature of Trafic that makes it the best choice for hospitality businesses. It’s easily one of the best to drive and live with, and for many hospitality businesses, investing in a van can be a convenient way to maintain or enhance future or current business opportunities.

The new Trafic is available to order now for $48,200 plus road charges. For more information or to find your nearest dealer, visit