September 28, 2022

Queensryche – Digital Noise Alliance Review

Published by: Century Media

Release date: October 7, 2022

Genre: Metal


Line up:

Eddie Jackson – bass
Michael Wilton – guitar
Todd La Torre – vocals
Casey Grillo – drums
Mike Stone – guitar

Track list:

1. In extreme
2. Chapters
3. Lost in Sorrow
4. Sideth
5. Behind the Walls
6. Night Light
7. Out of the Dark
8. Forest
9. Kingdoms
10. Wait
11. Tormentum
12. Rebel Yell (bonus track)

© Julius Richardson

I understand that when a band changes an important member (especially a vocalist), some people can’t (or won’t) move on. Its good. You do not have to. There’s no rule or requirement that says if you don’t continue to follow this group, it will make you less of a fan (or more of a fan if you continue to follow.) The fans (minds aside) and the group will understand. One such band that has drawn a lot of ire since changing singers is Queensryche (and it’s been almost a decade now.) I’ll be the first to admit that initially the addition of Todd LaTorre was kind of a complete, utter nostalgia thing because he was able to perform older songs that the band hadn’t played in ages. When they started making new music, the first two albums were good, but nothing that really stood up to any of the classic tracks (though frankly it beat most post-Empire stuff for me). The verdict that LaTorre’s song contributions began to feel more natural and began to make the band sound more natural and less directionless. Would this continue?

©Robert Sutton

Well, we find out with Digital Noise Alliance, the band’s latest release. Anyone who still insists on calling Toddreich a karaoke version of the band can stop now. This album confirms the fact that Queensryche found the perfect sound with Todd. While retaining enough of their original style to sound enough like classic Queensryche, they’ve gotten a new sound that takes them further into the future and keeps them relevant for today’s metal fans. I loved The Verdict, but I think this one is even better. As the group grows stronger with each new release and grows as a group with each new year, it will become even more of an unstoppable machine over time.

There’s no one to please everyone, so if you’re already pre-conditioned against this line-up, this album is unlikely to change your closed mind. But if you’re willing to give it a shot, Queensryche’s Digital Noise Alliance is a fantastic album that shows you can lose what you think is the cornerstone of your band, but you can do more than survive, you can thrive.

Written by: Chris Martin

Rating: 9/10

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