October 7, 2022

Psychlona – Palo Verde Review

Label – Psycho Waxx

Release – August 19e 2022

Genre: Stoner – Desert Rock

List of tracks:

1 – Gasoline

2 – 1975

3 – Rain Bird

4 – Meet your devil

5 – Crimson River

6 – Jet Plane

7 – The Tolvanera

8 – Distorted


Dave – Guitar/Vocals

Phil – Guitar/Vocals

Martyn – Bass

Scott – Drums

Oh, how happy I am. The third version of Bradford’s Psychlona. Since their beginnings Mojo Rising’ in 2018 thanks to their second effort ‘Venus Skytrip’ of 2020, the band just got better, now that’s a step up, if that’s possible.

The opening two cuts of ‘Gasoline’ have you banging your head right before the sublime ‘1975’ and then rain bird brings some serious desert rock. ‘Meet Your Devil’ is a psycho that goes on Purple River’ – which has a monumental groove before ‘Jetplane’ brings you down to earth with sheer punky rocker. ‘La Tolvanera’ returns to the psyche with simpler grooves, then ‘Warped’ wraps things up with almost eight minutes of stoner bliss.

Take their influence from Fu Manchu, Kyuss and Hawkwind and a dash of kebab n roll from the band and you have Psychlona. Catchy melodies, huge riffs and those monumental grooves, it’s no wonder that Psychlona was covered by Psycho Waxx, which is the house label of one of the biggest stoner festivals in the United States. Psychlona produced their “Back In Black”, their “Master Of Puppets”, so let’s see how they develop. In the meantime, this will surely bring them up a few rungs.

Rating 10/10

Reviewed By: Smudge

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