November 23, 2022

Perfect Plan – Prepare for the Impact Review

Published by: Frontiers Records

Release date: October 14, 2022

Genre: Melodic hard rock


Line up:

Kent Hilli – lead vocals
Rolf Nordström – Guitar
Leif Ehlin – Keyboards
Fredrik Forsberg – Drums
Mats Byström – Bass

List of tracks:

If love enters
I can’t let you win
I have to slow down
Stop the bleeding
My angel
the devil has the blues
bring me a doctor
Still undefeated
cross the fire

In 2018 we covered the debut of Swedish singer Kent Hilli and his band Perfect Plan titled “All stand up“. Hard to distinguish these days from the sheer amount of music delivered each week, with this release they have blazed new trails with their joyful debut infused with harder melodic rock; making it one of the best albums of this year. In 2020 they bounced back with their second outing a bit muddled unfortunately by the pandemic and its struggles, this outing was just as good as their debut but was likely overlooked due to the nature of things going on in the world.

They are back now with their 3rd full issue “Brace For Impact”. Will this one continue his rise in the world of Melodic Rock?

Nothing has fundamentally changed in the melodic category. Perfect Plan continues to deliver a highly absorbing and deeply melodic product. Similar to the fashion of their last 2 albums, the sound seems to be overall more polished and a bit heavier. That was the band’s intention, heavier stuff and less ballads, since it only features one on “Brace For Impact”. I agree that this version is more in your face.


The second number “If Love Walks In” sounds like Jeff Scott Soto singing the chorus for it, a testament to Hilli’s solid vocal work. A nice mid-level rocker with lots of melodic bite. The hard-hitting kick of “Can’t Let You Win” stands out from the first listen, it again features Hilli’s driving vocals, alongside an infectious chorus with plenty of killer hooks. A slew of rhythmic numbers get the truck rolling when “Bring Me A Doctor” kicks in, more rhythmic antics keep the momentum going. One of the fastest numbers on the album.

I’ll say this in defense of the Melodic Rock genre, because it can often get too stagnant, and bands tend to stick with the same formula you’d expect. Not here with Perfect Circle because I feel like they pushed their sound towards a more cutting edge groove. Almost Danger Danger/FM in places, but still melodic to the core. Kent Hilli is a terrific singer and he helps take the songs beyond the norm. The musicality in general is very strong, keyboard solos sprinkled on some tracks and the production is crisp. For a genre that can often get a lot of flak, you have to shake things up to stand out and Perfect Plan does it with a resounding presence!!!

Written by: Shadow Editor

Rating: 8/10

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