December 1, 2022

Parkway Drive – Even Darker Review

Released By: Epitaph Records

Release date: September 10, 2022

Genre: metal core


Line up:

Winston McCall
Jeff Lin
Luke Kilpatrick
Ben Gordon
Jia O’Connor

List of tracks:

1. Zero point

2. Like napalm

3. Glitch

4. Biggest Fear

5. Even Darker

6. Imperial Heretic

7. If a God Can Bleed

8. Soul Discoloration

9. Stranger

10. Land of the Lost

11. From the Heart of Darkness

It’s always interesting for me to see groups progress or go through phases. The same can be said for Australia’s Metalcore Parkway Drive masters. For many long-time fans, seeing an already established band change their tune after a lot of material can seem daunting. Look, I get it, people grow up, they have families and they get bored of playing the same things. I’m not sure how and when all of this happened for the guys, but after “Atlas” came out, they put together a more traditional metal core sound, and once “Ire” and “Reverence” came out, they had already created a more refined sound. sound. Some fans I’m sure didn’t like it too much, but for many who saw and heard these songs live, honestly the change was welcome.

The band was one of the all-time best shows and tours before the pandemic, a feat that ultimately saw the band dominate on a global stage from afar, including headlining at numerous festivals like Wacken, among others. Their influence has certainly been felt in the metal world. After taking a short hiatus due to what was described as a mental break and a canceled North American spring tour, the guys are back with their seventh studio album. Parkway Drive wastes no time unleashing their brand of brutal metalcore on “Darker Still”, reminding fans that they’re still here. How would it measure up to “Reverence”?


“Like Napalm” is a one-track daredevil, with ax man Jeff Ling providing the groovy riffs that many have grown accustomed to, especially on the latest album “Reverance.” The crushing grooves continue on the mosh-inducing “Glitch”, one that’s sure to get plenty of live playing time, this one has tons of energy and the mid-tempo builds up with Winston delivering a churner full of punches. happy fist. This became their first single a few months ago. The full front riffs of “The Greatest Fear” are another top to have, the drum work is delivered with precision.

The title song of the album “Darker Still” tempers everything with a more melancholy, there I say power ballad? A nice touch I must say, Winston’s mostly clean vocals give the song a different twist, and Ling again delivers outstanding guitar work, the choruses towards the end add haunting traits to this banger. One of the strongest songs on the record. Another heavy hitter breaks through in “Soul Bleach”, the energy of this one is contagious and vocalist Winston McCall does his best to bring his aggressive style to the song. The tempo buildup only delivers some of the songs, as it breaks out later following a similar formula provided on previous albums.

I don’t see much wrong with the new Parkway Drive offering. They maintain the sound that has helped them rise to the top in recent years. As far as production goes, it’s still a record smash and the density of the songs here compliments the band at this point in their long career. They are known for their crazy live shows and tons of energy, and there are plenty of live cut contestants here that will only enhance their live performances. So many great releases this month and you can surely add this one to the record!!!

Rating: 8/10

Reviewed by: Shadow Editor

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