November 23, 2022

‘METROLOGY BREW’ Newsletter – May 9 – Metrology and Quality News

Read a brief summary of metrology and smart manufacturing news from the last 7 days.

Dynamic 9D LADAR to revolutionize production measurements

API has launched its DYNAMIC 9D LADAR (LAser Detection and Ranging) system, an innovative measurement solution that captures both dimensional and surface geometry data. The system incorporates revolutionary technology that is expected to revolutionize automated production measurements … Read more

Launching a new approach to portable 3D measurement software

Have you always dreamed of having an efficient 3D metrology software that could allow you to calculate, in one click, all your 3D analysis needs? NextMeasure is available for all 3D scanners, measuring arms and laser trackers … Read more

SuPAR augmented reality interactive inspection

SuPAR Augmented Reality technology, developed by CDM Tech GmbH, enables users to perform faster and flawless quality inspection processes, providing rapid inspection of production parts. Augmented reality software for quality assurance provides real-time actual/target comparison … Read more

IBS Quality and Verisurf present a portable cobot inspection system

IBS Quality GmbH has launched its new PAM-System (Portable Automated Measurement System), a cobot-based portable 3D scanning and measurement solution. The launch is in collaboration with Verisurf Software and its integrated 3D measurement software for automated quality inspection, reporting, scanning and reversing … Read more

Smart Vision technology ensures the production line never stops

The assembly line at the ŠKODA plant in Mladá Boleslav is one of the Czech automaker’s busiest. The best-selling ŠKODA OCTAVIA is produced here, as is the ŠKODA ENYAQ iV electric SUV. Every minute of downtime on this line means losses in the form of unproduced cars. In addition to the quality … Read more

Master plan for the car production of the future

This is the blueprint for the automotive production of tomorrow: The BMW iFACTORY production strategy defines the future direction of the BMW Group’s factories and production technologies and addresses the challenges of the transformation towards e-mobility. “Automotive manufacturing of the future requires a new holistic way of thinking … Read more

AutoInspect takes the quality of industrial inspection processes to new levels

The quality of industrial production processes is ensured by a large number of individual sensor-based inspections generating large amounts of data. However, until now, information from individual sensors has generally only been examined in isolation. … Read more

VCxray launches an X-ray operating system for non-destructive testing

VCxray demonstrated a complete x-ray operating system named x.OS at the Control exhibition in Stuttgart, Germany. The origins of VisiConsult lie in the development of innovative software solutions for industrial X-ray inspection … Read more

WENZEL and VisiConsult announce cooperation in CT metrology

WENZEL Group and VisiConsult have signed a cooperation agreement for development and sales partnership. The cooperation agreement aims to jointly extend the successes achieved to date in the field of CT-based metrology solutions … Read more

Accurate and intuitive pitch gauge range provides a measured feel

Mahr introduced its new Digimar 817 CLT height measuring device offering touch control, ergonomic handling and a wide range of evaluation options: Available in three measuring ranges: 350mm, 600mm and 1000mm, the Digimar 817 CLT offers multiple data logging and transfer options … Read more

The sound scanner makes machine noise visible

Seven Bel’s patented innovation of a moving sensor Sound Scanners is capable of simulating up to 480 microphone positions over a circular area while using only five built-in microphones. Comparable acoustic cameras are normally equipped with around 100 microphones … Read more

Repair STL and scan data at the push of a button

4D_Additive’s new function called ‘Marching Cube’ repairs and simplifies 3D scan data and STL files in closed volumes, in the shortest possible time. The latest version of 4D_Additive has a revolutionary tool to simplify tessellated files and turn them into closed solids … Read more