June 22, 2022

‘METROLOGY BREW’ Newsletter – January 24 – Metrology and Quality News

Read a brief summary of metrology and smart manufacturing news from the past 7 days.

Additive manufacturing – New frontiers for production and validation

Over the past few decades, additive manufacturing (AM) / 3D printing has fundamentally changed the way manufacturers approach product development. Industry is now almost universally aware of the term rapid prototyping, using AM to convert 3D CAD data into physical models within hours. … Read more

Automotive OEM Reduces BIW Inspection Time Seven Times

The Metrologic Group, a specialist in integrated, universal 3D measurement software solutions compatible with all measurement technologies on the market and a major player in the automotive industry, recently carried out a joint project to automate and standardize a multi-robot measurement, connected to an automotive manufacturing line … Read more

The world of physical model cars

The Design Center in Česana is one of ŠKODA’s most secret workplaces. This is where models of future cars or concepts for exhibitions are created. In the case of mass-produced models, the cars are actually created here years before they first appear in public. Once the work of modellers on a … Read more

How AI enables self-learning factories

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming one of the most important enablers of autonomous systems. But to be more widely used, it must be of industrial quality. The message was striking: “The electric Taycan from Porsche surpasses the classic 911. This title appeared in October 2021 in the German weekly Der Spiegel … Read more

Open innovation startup platform to accelerate the commercialization of smart manufacturing technology

Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division has announced a revolutionary approach to supporting start-ups. The new Sixth Sense open innovation platform will bring together start-ups and industry-leading companies to create transformative solutions that benefit everyone. It promotes the sharing of resources, data and ideas to accelerate progress and solve real-world problems that address certain … Read more

CMM integrated with existing 3D scanning practices, increasing QA efficiency and throughput

Baker Industries, a Lincoln Electric company, recently purchased a used Giddings & Lewis Cordax 150 with Polyworks CMM software. The new MMT will help accommodate a large volume of aircraft and automotive parts and components created using their large format CNC machining and metal additive manufacturing equipment and facilities. With any machining … Read more

Robotics 3D Vision Toolbox makes inline metrology-grade 3D inspection 100% simple

Long structural objects such as rails or support beams are often building blocks for much larger and more complex products such as vehicles, ships, trains or building support components. As the main support platform for many additional components, these structural elements are made with many different types of holes. … Read more

A smart solution digitizes and optimizes business processes

Crate.io, an enterprise data management company that enables insights at scale, recently announced the launch of CrateOM, an intelligent solution that transforms process data into actionable insights. CrateOM runs in the cloud, on the edge or in a hybrid environment. By enabling digital transformation through real-time insights and the app … Read more

Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing: Real-World Success Stories and Lessons Learned

For manufacturers, artificial intelligence (AI) can be a game-changer. Increased efficiency, reduced costs, improved quality and reduced downtime are just a few of the potential benefits. This technology is not reserved for large manufacturers. Cost-effective, high-value AI solutions are more accessible than many small manufacturers think. In a recent National MEP … Read more

Hybrid cloud platform ushers in Industry 5.0 autonomous manufacturing

Autonomous systems provider, Adapdix Corporation, has announced Adapdix EdgeOps, a software platform that combines autonomous control with distributed DataMesh technology to enable autonomous manufacturing. It offers high performance, substantial operational efficiencies and cost savings for manufacturing companies. “What’s different about EdgeOps is that we’re pioneering autonomous systems that allow the enterprise … Read more

3D Printed Pressure Vessel Receives CE Certification

Shell and LRQA (formerly Lloyd’s Register) have certified a 3D printed pressure vessel in accordance with the European Pressure Equipment Directive (PED). This is the culmination of a 4-year collaboration to demonstrate the application of 3D printing in the energy industry. Shell is the first company in Europe to have … Read more

HANNOVER MESSE is postponed due to Covid

Deutsche Messe AG, in close cooperation with the HANNOVER MESSE exhibitor advisory board and the partner associations VDMA (Association of German Mechanical and Plant Engineering) and ZVEI (Central Association of German Electrical Engineering and Digital Industry), has postponed HANNOVER MESSE 2022 to May 30–June 2. The show was originally scheduled for April 25-29. … Read more