December 1, 2022

Meridian – The 4th Dimension Review

Published by: From The Vaults

Release date: September 23, 2022

Genre: Melodic hard rock


Line up:

Lars Marker: vocals
Martin J. Andersen: lead and rhythm guitar
Marco Angioni: lead and rhythm guitar
Peter Bruun: bass
Klaus Agerbo: drums

List of tracks:

1. Warning Shots
2. Life is today
3. Stay
4. Follow your heart
5. Trust
6. Dreamers
7. Say you want me
8. The Way Back to Hell
9. Remove your crown
10. The Fourth Dimension

I’ll be the first to admit that we sometimes overlook the possibility of resuming small releases simply because so much music is released every week of the year. It seems foolish to try to listen to so much music, so often bands are overlooked. There is just enough time in the day for music.

A discreet band has made interesting music, it’s the Dutch band Meridian. I remember their debut “Metallurgy”, when I first watched it, I couldn’t help but notice the high quality material they put out. Unbeknownst to me at the time, they certainly left an impression on me for future music and a band to discover. This release was from 2013, they’ve released two more records since then, and each is pretty good on its own. Now we have their 4th offering aptly titled “The 4th Dimension” and what you get here is a slice of melodic Scandinavian Hard Rock with some lovely undertones of bliss.

It’s hard to quantify these guys in any music category/genre, they’re melodic rock but can be heavy at times, with cool guitar sounds and vocal lines from vocalist Lars Märker. A bit of Metal too in some of their nuances, groovy and powerful when the rhythm comes into play. A bit of everything in a melting pot of sounds.

The disc enters it with a super melodic number “Warning Shots” whose refrains make it a point of honor very quickly. The same comes with “Stay,” another groovy high-anthem track, complete with some nice double guitar hooks courtesy of guitarists Martin J. Andersen and Marco Angioni. The guys keep the chain going as “Trust” scores another strong number, great melodies, and once again the twin guitar attack is arranged with precision and kinship. The main cuts continue with “Say That You Want Me”, giving a Whitesnake feel to its more melodic, yet another hot number. The entire backrest from top to bottom is exceptional, no padding required.

I can see the similarities to bands like Pretty Maids and Eclipse, but I wouldn’t put them in that category. They are autonomous and that is a good thing. I will say that there are also quite a few prog touches that highlight the influences of 80s rock bands. For me the hooks and choruses stand out on their own, and the guitars are super crunchy and melodic, it is indeed what makes the force of this disc. If you’re looking for some really good melodic hard rock bands while breaking out a bit of the ordinary stuff you normally get, you’ll probably want to check out Meridian’s latest effort. Do it!!!

Rating: 8/10

Reviewed by: Shadow Editor

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