September 28, 2022

Marco Mendoza – New Management Review

Powerful music

September 16, 2022

melodic rock

Line up:

Marco Mendoza – Vocals/Bass

Soren Anderson – Guitar/Keyboards/Producer

Tommy Gentry – Guitar

Mortem Hellborn – Drums

Allan Tschicaja – Drums

List of tracks:

1 – Take it to the limit

2 – I can’t get over it

3 – Turn it on

4 – Walk beside you

5 – Shoot for the stars

6 – Everything I Live For

7 – Free ride

8 – I can’t explain it

9 – Scream and Scream

10 – New Management

If you don’t know Marco Mendoza’s name, shame on you. Since the mid-90s, this man has been THE reference when you need a bassist. I’ve seen him play with Ted Nugent, Whitesnake, Thin Lizzy, Black Star Riders and The Dead Daisies and he’s worked with Journey, Lynch Mob, Blue Murder, Dolores O’Riordon and Right Said Fred (seriously!) and a whole host others. Not just a side man or session cat, Marco not only plays bass expertly, but he also has a good set of pipes, which is evidenced here on his fourth solo album.

Sirens Wail opens ‘Take It To The Limit’ then Soren Anderson licks as Marco and one of the drummers join in before Anderson launches into a wonderful three chord riff that is brimming with fun – like Slade or Quo – festive rock that attracts you goes and continues on ‘I Just Can’t Get Over You’ which offers sublime heavy and melodic guitar riffs. Marco’s bass is front and center in “Light It Up,” which could be a great stripper song that’s funky, chunky, and seriously sexy, and those lead lines are jaw-dropping. It’s off to a country ballad ‘Walk Next To You’ waving a lighter/light phone here. Things go downhill on the ultra-positive earworm ‘Shoot For The Stars’ which will no doubt be picked up by a sports team. “All That I’m Living For” gets heavier but no less melodic with a call and response, then “Free Ride” kicks up the sexy groove before the southern “Can’t Explain It” has you dreaming of heading towards a sun setting over a vast horizon. Hold on to your hats for a good rocking beer the size of an anthem ‘Scream And Shout’. Marco shows off his unrepentant Beatles worship on the closing title track.

Summer is here and here is the soundtrack! Full to the brim with welcome upbeat positivity after the shitty 18 months we’ve had. It’s not going to cure the nasty bugs, but in crikey it makes you feel a whole lot better. Crank it up with a few chills or open the car windows and share it with the world – people need to hear this. I’m off to play again with a few beers and be happy – AGAIN!

Rating: 9/10

Reviewed By: Smudge

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