December 1, 2022

Manifest – The shipwreck review

ViciSolum Productions

August 26, 2022

Metal Groove

Line up:

Stian Lekres – vocals

Ole Marius Larmerud – Guitar

Johnny Wangberg – Bass

Alessandro Elide – Drums

List of tracks:

1 – The Origins (From Beebee/BB)

2 – Upstream

3 – Jobkill

4 – Final drop of the curtain

5 – Errors

6 – Infantile rage

7 – LGAD (Bonus Track)

8 – The shipwreck Pt.1

9 – The shipwreck Pt.2

10 – Reunion (Bonus Track

11 – Best Ideas/Worst Solutions

Manifest was formed in 2000 in Trondheim, Norway and it is their fifth full album. They have also released several EPs and demos. They describe this album as “concrete” and explain that it was laborious at first, but once they got it, it all poured out and they feel the results are solid. I cannot disagree.

Opener ‘The Origins (Of Beebee/BB)’ has a gradual onset then explodes into an aggressive groover with a low-key breakdown, then it turns into hardcore ‘Upriver’ goes groovey again with vocalist Stian Lekres going from dead to clean then ‘Jobkill’ just punches at a knot pace plus solid ax work from Larmerud. Wangberg’s bass presents “Final Curtain Call” before

Larmerud joins the riff and we get another Pantera-style groover. “Mistakes” drops it a bit on a stoner-like ballad before “Infant Rage”’s bubbly organ intro is supported by a brutal assault on your ears. ‘LGAD’ is a bonus track halfway through the record – I don’t know why – but it’s a little more Metal than all the rest and it’s a great grinder with a masculine voice and an even more masculine groove. ‘The Sinking Pt.1’ is a spooky fest with a spooky voice that goes into ‘The Sinking Pt.2’ which has a spoken word for the first 90 seconds before another biting metal monster rises up and attacks you. strikes into submission. ‘The Meeting’ is another bonus (before the final edit?) and gets into alternative metal territory. Closer album “Better Ideas/Worse Solutions” brings a fair dose of punk to end on an energetic note.

Do you want to jump? Wanna bang your head? Want to make a pit? Get started and you can do it all at once. High energy and good sounds equal a good time.

Rating: 8/10

Reviewed By: Smudge

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