June 22, 2022

Magazine GUNS Nighthawk GRP & 30 Super Carry


Although the GRP is considered Nighthawk’s “entry level” gun, all the rules still apply and each is built with the same precision as any other gun on offer, including their “One Gun” idea. , a gunsmith”. You end up with a reliable and beautifully crafted Browning design that can protect your family, be the focal point of a fun day at the beach, help you win a game on the weekend, or just rest on. your desk to admire.
If you are familiar with a 5″ full-size all-steel 1911, you have a good start to understanding what GRP is. NHC had to carefully rethink some design elements to properly house and operate the 30 Carry round, but the result is a reliable, fast, flat-firing grip that’s sure to please.

The finish on our test gun is a black nitride covering the forged frame and slide. Essential parts are a match-grade barrel, Heinie Ledge Straight Eight Tritium night sights, G10 Gator grips, 25 lines per inch checkered front sling and mainspring housing, and a lightweight NHC tri-cavity trigger. A checkered recoil spring catch, high front strap, hand beveled edges and general dehorning complete the package.

Part of the special treatment that each gunsmith promises to include items such as a tuned and polished extractor, trigger tuned to 3.5 to 3.75 pounds, polished ramp, throat barrel, all spare parts. polished and fitted ignition, a hand-fitted frame for sliding, hand-installing the barrel, mixing the grip safety and hand-adjusting the firing pin stop – a critical step often missed in many builds.

Keep in mind this is a true custom gun so there are options like finishes, front sling and mainspring housing treatments, grips, etc. which you can choose to change according to your mood. If this is the start of a dream weapon for you, bring your dreams with you and let NHC work with you to ensure your weapon is exactly what you need.