September 28, 2022

Lillian Ax – Womb to Grave Review

Published by: Global Rock Records

out now

Line up:

Lead guitarist Steve Blaze

bassist Michael “Maxx” Darby remains from the original lineup.

The current line-up is completed by Brent Graham – vocals, Sam Poitevent – ​​guitar/vocals, and Wayne Stokely – drums

List of tracks:

1. Breathe

2. I am beyond

3. Neverending Me (The Dempsey Kick)

4. One

5. The Golden Dragon

6. Pierce the Veil

7. Migrate North

8. No problem

9. Maggot Dance

10. Downfall of the human condition

11. The Great Deception

12. Endless Green Fields

13. Wormwood Feelings

14. Finally, Clarity

15. From the Top of the Mountains

16. Ascension

Every music lover has at least one band in their collection that they consider a missed opportunity. One of those bands that narrowly missed being heard, whether they missed the pinnacle of this current phase in the rise of this particular genre, or created a sound for which the general listener music was not ready. As someone who has a huge collection of music and loves lots of bands spanning lots of genres, there are several that I’ve always felt could have, should have, could have under the right circumstances. One of those bands, and I know a lot of people agree with that, is a band from New Orleans called Lillian Axe.

With so much work against them: lineup changes, unstable industry standards, and not quite fitting into an easy categorizable box, Lillian Ax always seemed poised for greatness, but always seemed to just fall short. Failing to be pigeonholed into the hard rock style of the 80s, their music, while melodic and harsh, usually fell in a more melancholic and darker direction, but never so desperate as alternative. With their latest album From Womb To Tomb they continue to show how brilliant they have always been and continue to be. Even by today’s standards, the music contained in this album will still not be fully appreciated by all music listeners. It’s not a hit record, but a complete work of art. Although it is not a traditional concept album, it has a path of ascension leading from birth to bodily liberation of the soul from the body. That doesn’t mean you can’t listen to the tracks individually, I just don’t think this album is meant to be. It’s very powerful and moving, something the band have always been able to capture throughout their career.

I would love to see Lillian Ax get the recognition they so deserve, but From Womb To Tomb is too much for a casual music listener to absorb, and it works for and against the band. This sets them apart from their peers, making them a much deeper band, but it may be holding them back from reaching the top of the charts. But in the end, Lillian Ax wins because they don’t sacrifice what makes them so brilliant just to appease casual music fans. They do what they love and what has kept their fans staunch for all these decades.

Written by: Chris Martin

Rating: 8/10

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