December 1, 2022

Lauv – All 4 Nothing – Retro Pop

Released: August 5

Lauv documents his journey to rediscovery on his stunning second album ‘All 4 Nothing’.

The sequel to 2019’s ‘How I’m Feeling’ sees the singer-songwriter – whose meteoric rise to fame thanks to a string of viral hits left him feeling disconnected from his roots – explore his place around the world through 13 of his most personal tracks to date.

Opening with single lead 26he directly addresses this success, thinking: “Can I tell you the story of a boy who broke his heart / He made a few songs and they became important / He thought he could do whatever he wanted / But it all broke him left a hole in the heart.”

It’s a candid debut for an album that sees him navigate different facets of his personal life, from love and relationships to alcohol, drugs and addiction, which are born out of his new practice of inner child meditation.

He sees Lauv visualizing himself at different points in his life and reconnecting with his childhood self, which has helped him rediscover his drive, love and passion for music, which he talks about on tracks such as children are born stars and Hi Ari – a tender climax that sees him talking to himself, through his angst and self-medication, and addressing his personal happiness.

What stands out from “All 4 Nothing”, however, is the positive energy that radiates from the largely upbeat collection, as Lauv embraces the different components of his personality.

On Foreignfor example, he identifies with failed relationships and accepts past flaws, while To stay together sees him washing his hands of past romances that were never meant to be with an overall sense of catharsis.

When creating the record, many recordings started out with freestyle ideas, with Molly in Mexico demonstrative of this approach, resulting in what may not be the finest or best-crafted lyrics of his career, but a playful highlight of the album which, by relinquishing control and having fun in his music, captures a moment in time.

It’s a joy that shines through some songs, especially the single All 4 nothing (I’m so in love)which presents a clear path forward for Lauv to let loose, free himself from his inhibitions, and enjoy the process without giving in to his blocks.

Before that, closer First year completes the loop of the journey and sees it reborn.

If ‘How I’m Feeling’ was Lauv trying to make a pop record, ‘All 4 Nothing’ sees him take the reins and deliver his pop record; a statement album that speaks to who he is beyond his stage persona and brings him closer to his fans than ever before.

It’s a necessary step in his career and one that paves the way for a liberating new era, in which Lauv embraces all aspects of his identity and channels them into his music, in what is surely his most authentic release to date. .

“All 4 nothing” is available now.