September 28, 2022

King’s X – Three Sides of a Review

Edited by: Inside Out Music

Release date: Available now!!!

Genre: Progressive Rock


Line up:

Doug Pinnick: bass, vocals

Ty Tabor: guitar, vocals

Jerry Gaskill: drums, vocals

List of tracks:

1. Let it rain

2. Flood point. 1

3. Nothing But The Truth

4. Give it up

5. All of God’s Children

6. Take the time

7. Party

8. Swipe up

9. Holidays

10. Observer

11. She called me home

12. Everywhere Everywhere

Let’s face it: most older bands don’t need to make new music. There is usually little or no money in it. And if this band never really had a lucrative career in recorded music, there’s even less of interest, beyond the actual creative process. Of course, even a band’s fanbase, big or small, regularly clamors for new music, and those are the people who, as soon as new music is released, immediately rip it off. Now consider the band I’m talking about is King’s X, absolutely one of the biggest and most influential bands you’ve ever heard of, making new music for them is an act of passion for them and an act of love for their Fans. It’s been 16 years since their last album, XV, came out, and after many setbacks, finally saw the light of day.

Three Sides of One is an album I’ve been waiting for for a long time now. I fully admit that I’ve been a die-hard fan of the band’s unique style since Gretchen Goes To Nebraska was born, and I’ve followed them ever since. Despite being one of the bands considered a major influence on grunge music, as well as being one of those bands loved by every musician on the planet, with some moments of “almost” King’s X n never reached the greatness they seemed destined for. The music they created always seemed just ahead of everyone’s musical curve. They defied categories every step of the way, every album they released was something fresh and new, never falling into the easy fad of the day. And the same can be said of Three Sides of One. They remain a band unlike anyone else. After my first tour of this album, I had to reserve my feelings towards him. I was so excited to hear new music from these guys again, that I knew I would need a few more listens to really do an unbiased review. But each turn made me love him more and more. This is Ty’s first album in a long time that’s heavy (plus Jerry also sings a song.) For some reason, Doug has become the band’s “leader” on the later albums, by design. What always made the band special was the fact that you had three hyper-skilled musicians who could write and sing, so having all three of them collaborate again makes this album even more special.

Do I think this album will propel them to the top of the charts? Who knows. I would like it to be the one that puts them in the place that they have always deserved to be. I know it’s going to do better than in recent history, but only time will tell. Of all the bands that have been around for 40 years and have never reached top echelon status, King’s X is the band that baffles the most. Three Sides of One further proves how honored the world should feel to have a band of this stature to grace us again with music as powerful as this.

Written by: Chris Martin

Rating: 10/10

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