September 28, 2022

King Buffalo – Regenerator Review

Label: Stickman Records

Genre: Heavy Psy Rock

EU Release Date: September 2, 2022

List of tracks:


Regenerator’ is the fifth studio album from Rochester, New York-based King Buffalo. At the same time, the album closes the pandemic trilogy that began in May 2021 with ‘The Burden of Relentlessness’. ‘Acheron’ followed a few months later, while seven other songs complete this cycle.

‘Regenerator’ begins with the title track, which already has a lot to offer with its nine-minute runtime. The peaceful and rather soaring beginning puts the listener in the respective mood. Guitar and drums slowly join the overall sound. The song grows with each of the nine minutes and becomes an ingeniously staged starting point for this album. What matters here are the big sonic arcs, which are responsible for the mood of the song.

However, King Buffalo doesn’t just indulge in sprawling sounds to great effect. The guys have ‘Hours’ also a track on the album which shows that stoner rock is one of the band’s influences. With hypnotic vehemence, the trio celebrates a psychedelic buzz that draws you in.

‘Interlude’ is exactly what the title promises. It’s a nearly three-minute interlude that’s the bridge to “Mammoth.” With this last song, the group shows another layer of their sound. Especially in the first half of the song, a rock vibe dominates, acting as a common thread throughout the song, though the second half blasts more powerfully from the speakers.
‘Avalon’, on the other hand, is an almost light-hearted song that impresses with a certain simplicity before the heavy guitars also come to the fore here towards the end. A kind of lightness is not denied in the song.

‘Firmament’ is the last track of ‘Regenerator’ and represents, like the opening, an epic of nine minutes. In a way, the song sums up the whole cycle and is one of the best songs King Buffalo has ever released. Especially the buzzing guitars in the middle section are a treat in themselves.

“Regenerator” is a worthy conclusion to a cycle that began at a time when no one knew how the music industry would continue to evolve. What remains from that era is, in the case of King Buffalo, excellently made music which, in the meantime, can once again be enjoyed live.

Written by: Markus Wiedenmann

Rating 8/10


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