June 22, 2022

Inna launches an online magazine: Details

Along with singing and dancing, Inna has brought her own magazine to life, a passion project she calls “one of her dreams and hidden wishes that not many people knew about”.

InnaMagwhich launched in August 2019 with a first issue of 40 pages, is an online magazine where the Romanian singer has the opportunity to interview people from the industry, highlight travel locations, recommend tips beauty and fashion, share unseen photos, and talk about personal experiences.

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See the latest videos, graphics and news

See the latest videos, graphics and news

“My plan is to publish this magazine once a month and I hope we manage to have great content, quality photoshoots and great people alongside us on this journey,” Inna said. Billboard. “This magazine focuses on the people I love and admire, but also on me and my journey (music, travel, beauty, fashion, etc.)”, she adds, encouraging her fans to show a little d love and spread the word.

In its debut issue, Inna recaps her journey to Premio Lo Nuestro 2019, highlights a Q&A with photographer Edward Aninaru, and takes her fans on an adventure through her home country of Romania. The magazine also offers a double page dedicated to his 2019 album Yo (Roc Nation), which was written in Spanish and is home to experimental music influenced by gypsy rhythms, such as its singles “Te Vas”, “Tu Manera” and “Sin Ti”.

For issue 2, which is scheduled for release in late September/early October, Inna promises a special section for her fans, where they can suggest topics for her to cover in the magazine.

From now on, InnaMag is only available online, but Inna is considering a print magazine for the future, Billboard has learned.

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