September 28, 2022

IMANU – “Fashion is probably my second love after music”

Born in the Netherlands, IMANU has long since transcended his former pseudonym “Signal”. But what about his favorite interests outside of music? we put IMANU through the beats with our Show and Tell interview.

Runescape PKing!

I used to play and watch loads of Runescape happy when I was a kid and that’s how I discovered dubstep.

Eventually I showed this track and a few others by this artist to my classmates and found a small team that was into it! Having people around you who are into the same weird music as you are core imo 🙂

I have a great love for cooking

It is the in-depth approach that Heston a is very inspiring. I love analyzing the purpose and reason behind things and applying them to forward-thinking processes.

Fashion is probably my second love after music

I see it as more than just an outfit, it’s wearable art in its essence. They are designers like Rick Owens and Yohji Yamamotowho I believe are at the forefront of darkness in clothing, focusing on form, fabric and artistry, rather than relying on color to bring out their vision.

Back to the kitchen!

Pierre Goossens is a Michelin starred chef from Belgium who used to have a program where he reinterpreted classic Belgian dishes in a Michelin star style.

I think this way of thinking can also be applied to music, taking classic sounds like “Think Break” or certain Reese basses and putting them in a new light.

My own city, Rotterdam!

I love it as a remarkable city in the Netherlands, being the only city without a classic city center (due to WWII).

A modern city look, a very multicultural population, fashion, incredible cuisine and excellent public transport. One of those places where when I’m bored I can just venture into the center and always have something to do.

I’m a big anime fan

I think Code Geass is my preferred. A lively but fantastic psychological thriller? Simply amazing to me.

I would still recommend this anime to people who love crime tv shows, especially as an entry anime, along with Death Note. I think those two elements perfectly bridge the gap between a more realistic crime and fantasy world.

Ronaldinho is one of my favorite players

I used to play many FIFA games back then, but my favorite was FIFA Street. A game based on the real game you play as a kid with your buddies. Doing tricks, laughing, getting mad when someone gives you a pana – all inspired by Ronaldinho, who I’m sure inspired a whole generation of kids. An infectious smile, the best stuff… What’s not to love about him?

As a child, I loved cars

I remember my mother buying me a little book about trucks when I was about 2-3 years old. I’d be on the street pointing at trucks and yelling “truck!” (“truck” in French). I played all the early Need For Speed ​​games and my dad once took me to an RAI convention in Amsterdam. This led me to research Dutch car brands, which are quite hard to find! I came across Spyker sometime, discovered the Spyker C8 and immediately fell in love.

Memento is my favorite movie of all time.

The movie that really got me into Christopher Nolan. I used to think movies weren’t for me, being exposed to romantic comedies, Marvel and Christmas movies until someone told me about this movie. I

reluctantly checked it out and immediately fell in love. I started watching loads of Nolan movies such as The Batman Trilogy, Interstellar, The Prestige, and found myself loving the movies again.

Other films that I have really enjoyed since are the Bladerunner and Shutter Island films.

Every 20-year-old Dutch person knows KUD

The worst of the worst humor, making it the best of the best.

Something about the Dutch language makes everything much funnier than it should be. Luckily, they’ve started captioning some of their more recent work. Unfortunately, I don’t think they convey the humor as well. Always so pleasant!

Stream IMANU’s New Album “Unfold” on Spotify.


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