September 28, 2022

Icon A5 Among Planes to Appear at Detroit Auto Show

Aircraft makers will take over a section of the North American International Auto Show, traditionally known as the Detroit Auto Show, which kicks off next month. In an air mobility experience, companies ranging from Icon Aircraft to Omni Hoverboards will highlight the intersection of automotive and aviation principles in some of the latest developments in personal transportation.

The new program, also called “Show Above the Show,” will include ground and flight demonstrations over the Detroit River of several manufacturers of personal flying machines, including eVTOLs, a hoverbike and a jet suit.

Such a large aviation presence at this long-running annual auto show illustrates a coming together of aeronautical and automotive technologies that has recently redefined people’s expectations of what a “flying car” can be. It also reflects increased interest in eVTOL and other aviation developments among automakers. Recently, a number of automakers, including Honda, Hyundai, Renault and Stellantis, formerly FiatChrysler, have announced air mobility projects and partnerships.

“This exciting addition to the show is a natural extension of the evolution of the transportation ecosystem, especially as people continue to search for creative ways to extend personal mobility,” said the show’s chairman. Detroit automaker Joe Lunghamer in a statement. “Today we’ll be giving auto show audiences a taste of the future by looking at the full spectrum of mobility, from the thrill of human propulsion, to amphibious vehicles you can keep in your backyard, to by electric vehicles that are leading the transformation of the industry,” he added.

Companies showcasing their products include Icon Aircraft, which will demonstrate its A5 amphibious light-sport aircraft; AIR, of Tel Aviv, Israel, which is developing the two-seat eVTOL AIR ONE, and Detroit-based Airspace Experience Technologies, which will showcase its Sigma-6 eVTOL, designed to be “a clean, fast and affordable transportation alternative.”

Aerwins Technologies of Wilmington, Delaware, and ALI Technologies of Tokyo will demonstrate their XTURISMO, a hoverbike “inspired by ‘Star Wars’ speeder bikes”. horsepower, and Omni Hoverboards of Montreal, Canada, will demonstrate their eVTOL hoverboard.

Flight demonstrations of the XTURISMO, Gravity Jet Suit, ICON A5 and Omni Hoverboard begin on Media Day, September 14 and continue until September 18. held inside Huntington Place for the duration of the show, September 14-25.

Show organizers have announced that they will soon publish a full schedule of flight demonstrations and post dates and times.