June 22, 2022

IAC Group Achieves Superior Metrology Flexibility – Metrology and Quality News

International Automotive Components (IAC) Group is one of the world’s leading suppliers of innovative and durable dashboards, consoles, door panels, ceiling systems, bumper fascias and exterior ornaments for vehicle original equipment manufacturers. Headquartered in Luxembourg, IAC’s reach spans the globe, with over 19,000 employees in 18 countries providing customers with unparalleled solutions from unique designs, engineering, manufacturing and delivery methods.

Alicia Ortega, general quality supervisor of the IAC group at the Agoncillo plant and responsible for metrology explains that “We currently have a staff of 560 employees, of which approximately 100 work at the Sequencing Center in Pedrol, Spain. We are Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers for customers such as Stellantis, Volkswagen, SEAT, Ford. We manufacture dashboards, bumpers, spoilers, side skirts, consoles, glove boxes, acoustic barriers, etc., and we have a highly automated paint line. »

The challenge

Ortega points out that “In the field of the metrology laboratory, we have to be very flexible. We carry out measurements in the laboratory: tests, approvals and adjustments. We have a lot of customers and products, which means we have to be very flexible. »

The solution

“With PolyWorks|Inspector software, we can, with small modifications, adapt measurement programs from one CNC CMM to another, saving time and increasing efficiency.” The collaboration between IAC Group and PolyWorks Europa resembles similar successful experiences in the United States, Mexico, Germany, India, South Africa and Slovakia. Tania Arellano, account manager for PolyWorks Europa, points out that “IAC Group carried out a detailed market study before deciding to implement a single metrology software solution for all of its dimensional control processes. Throughout the study, we accompanied them with demonstrations and tests in their laboratory. Once they opted in to our solution, we provided advanced CMM and GD&T training. They started implementing PolyWorks|Inspector with 3 measuring devices and ended up extending it to the entire metrology laboratory.


Metrology data connectivity is key

“A very close collaboration and the use of our shared knowledge resulted in a great satisfaction of expectations.” IAC Group Quality Manager Alicia Ortega points out that “Measuring in parallel on multiple CMMs has allowed us to significantly improve customer response time, which is now quite fast. It has enabled us to greatly rationalize certain operations, to optimize the performance of our metrologists and the use of our measuring equipment. We can clearly speak of an Industry 4.0 project, which confirms a trend towards delegation of metrology tasks to suppliers by equipment manufacturers.

“There is also a growing need in industry for real-time data collection and processing.” Estela Aparicio, Metrology Specialist at IAC Group says: “I had never worked with this software before, but it is very easy to use and very easy to find solutions to measurement problems on the spot. In addition, the 3D measurement area specialist, Rafael González, points out that “it is a very powerful software with a very intuitive interface.” What all PolyWorks|Inspector users agree on is the superior technical support from the PolyWorks Europa team in Spain: “It was especially vital when we started using the software, that is to say when there are more questions. You call and they take care of you right away which is great support.

Regarding future projects, PolyWorks Europa and IAC agree that metrology data connectivity is essential. With this in mind, InnovMetric has just launched PolyWorks|DataLoop, a data management solution that offers a digital collaboration platform: it facilitates teamwork and contributes to the digital transformation of metrology processes.

For more information: https://www.innovmetric.com