June 22, 2022

Highways Magazine – DfT Names Winners of TRIG Technology Grants

Emergency infrastructure assessment systems, road crack sealing monitoring, a host of electric vehicle charging innovations and artificial intelligence projects have all received technology grants from the Department for Transport (DfT).

The DfT has announced the winners of nearly £2million in cash for tech start-ups under the Transport Research and Innovation (TRIG) grants scheme, which typically provides £30,000 per winner.

Among the latest list of successful bidders were stars of the upcoming Cold Comfort Harrogate event, John Lamb and Dr Hugh Deeming, who produced what is believed to be the first highway rapid impact assessment system in the world for incidents and emergencies.

The £30,000 grant the pair have won will ensure their Stormchain solution is at a level of technology readiness to go to market this summer. This will also help the team wrap up all the field trials that have taken place to date. Register for Cold Comfort May 25-26 to learn more.

Other winners include the City Science Corporation, which aims to develop a system to identify optimal locations for mobility hubs using AI-powered generative design.

“Our system will help local authorities understand the desirability and benefits of mobility hubs in their area, supporting the business case for their development and understanding which modes to promote/prioritise,” the company said.

Robotiz3d Limited has won a grant for its Seal-It project, which “will create the first proof-of-principle prototype of a test bed to quantitatively assess the performance of road crack sealing materials and methodologies.”

Queen’s University Belfast has secured funding for a project to create a Human-Centred Pedestrian Avoidance System (HumanPAS): “The Proposed Pedestrian-Aware Vehicle Automated Decision-Making and Control System will allow automated vehicles to avoid pedestrians like human-driven vehicles, making automated vehicle performance more humane, natural and acceptable to both on-board drivers and other road users.

Go Eve Ltd has won a prototype device project called “DockChain” to produce an electric vehicle charging unit with “the speed and operational advantages of fast DC charging with the cost of equipment normally associated with AC charging slower”.

Known as the Technology-Transport Research Innovation Grant (T-TRIG) prior to this latest funding round, DfT grants aim to reduce barriers to innovation and advance technology in transportation.

They also aim to improve transport in the UK by harnessing early-stage ideas and innovations that have the potential to develop further.