September 28, 2022

Hartmann – Get Over It Review

Published by: Sonic11/Pride & Joy Music

Release date: September 16, 2022

Genre: Rock


Line up:

Oliver Hartmann (vocals, guitar)

Mario Reck (guitar)

Armin Donderer (bass)

Markus Kullman (drums)

List of tracks:

1. Remedy
2. A step back
3. In Another Life
4. What you give is what you get
5. The End of the Movie
6. Just Drive
7. The Gun
8. I can’t stay away from you
9. Get over it
10. Stay True To Me
11.When we were young

Oliver Hartmann, the multi-talented German singer/songwriter/guitarist now known for his exploits with European metal supergroup Symphonic Avantasia, has been around for quite some time. I remember his time with the power metal band At Vance, later his solo work broke new ground in the melodic rock arena, especially his solo debut. He managed to carve out a nice place for himself and kept his solo work still providing melodic rock hooks and firm material. He has just released his 8th studio album entitled “Get Over It”. Did he continue on the same paths he had mapped out for himself? We’ll take a look.

The melodic rocker “One Step Behind” sounds like some of Hartmann’s previous solo work. Delves more into the melodic melodies that have become a staple of his past works. A nice chorus gives a cool groove to this track. The contagious melodic guitar solo in “In Another Life” gives a beautiful melancholy atmosphere to the song, the rising chorus proves successful here. The slow churning sounds of “Just Drive” bring a bluesy element to the fold before it picks up and Hartmann rocks out with a nice and delicate melodic guitar solo. A beautiful melody in the middle of the album. Another nifty rocker comes via the final song of “When We Were The Young” ends the album on a high note.

“Get Over It” is a solid record by a scene veteran. Even though Oliver’s main gig always seems to be Avantasia now, he still manages to release some solo work that should satisfy some of his older fans. Her voice is still quite long and the straight rocking grooves featured here are still melodic and full of hooks. What you get from this album is very mature songwriting that doesn’t lack much, most of the songs are catchy and invoke a feel-good vibe. If you’ve checked out his past works, that’s pretty good, I think.

Written by: shadow editor

Rating 7/10

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