June 22, 2022

Hankook Tire’s SUV Tire Tops European Automobile Magazine’s Performance Test

Hankook Tire & Technology’s Ventus S1 Evo 3 SUV

Hankook Tire & Technology announced on April 5 that the Ventus S1 Evo 3 SUV, an ultra-high performance sports utility vehicle (SUV) tire, won first place in a tire performance test conducted by Auto Bild Allrad. , a European SUV magazine, for summer 2022.

The company said the test comprehensively assessed essential performance of SUV tires from a total of 11 global tire brands, including Hankook Tire, Michelin and Pirelli, under various road conditions including wet, dry, gravel. and sandy.

The Ventus S1 Evo 3 SUV ranked first with good results in braking, traction and handling. In particular, the tire demonstrated stable driving performance by providing excellent braking and traction on both dry and wet roads, the company said.

Hankook Tire & Technology has reinforced the rigidity of the Ventus S1 Evo 3 SUV with a special nylon material on the sidewall. He also applied a grid pattern to increase cooling efficiency and block stiffness. This minimizes tire deformation while driving, improves driving stability and provides a smoother ride.