October 7, 2022

GUNS Magazine Red Arrow Raw 300 Weapons


I have a long and illustrious history of driving really lousy vehicles. My super dad gave me two. The first was a basic, no-frills Toyota pickup truck. It had manual windows, no air conditioner, and a nice plastic cover instead of a radio. At one point, it had been driven behind a gravel truck, leaving it covered in small flecks of peeling paint. Dad rectified this by dabbing it with enamel paint from Walmart, which didn’t quite match. The little truck looked like it had the pox.

The second was a Jeep Cherokee, also driven at the end of its life before it came into my possession. The interior looked like a homeless man lived there. I once tried to throw an apple core out the passenger side window and missed, splattering the upholstery with pulverized apple detritus. I intended to clean this up for years until I donated the vehicle to another deserving soul.

Like me to some extent, either way, these two trucks were so awful they were almost cool. I kept the mechanical parts well maintained, but the esoteric, not so much. For something that got me to work and back, I spent what was necessary for upkeep, but nothing else.

The worst thing that could happen if one of those old trucks broke down between home and work was that I had to call my wife to pick me up. However, what if I were to drive through Afghanistan’s Helmand province or some of the seedier parts of Chicago? If so, I would spend whatever it took to get the toughest, most reliable vehicle I could afford. If my life – or the lives of my family members – depended on the reliability of a machine, I would do well. The same goes with the Red Arrow Weapons RAW 300.