September 28, 2022

GUNS Magazine It’s the Little Things

Ace Fernandez is walking proof that you should never compete with a guy named “Ace”, and never, ever, underestimate someone on a shooting range who has a snow-white beard, sweet demeanor, an affable disposition and a tall, fat hogleg.

I’ve known Ace for at least a decade, then more, and I can say without fear of being contradicted – because he’s done it in front of witnesses – that he’s one of the longest range hand gunners. most remarkable and most boring in the world. Perhaps what I love most about this old gentleman is that he didn’t make a career out of bragging about it. Guys like Ace do what they do and then go about their business.

Fernandez is, or should we say was, a mainstay of the Elmer Keith Memorial Long Range Handgun Shoot, which I wrote a few months ago as “The Last Dance” (add internal link to previous post) because after 20 years this wonderful little gathering of Northwest handguns came to an end this year. I will miss seeing him shoot.

So when a nondescript padded envelope with something inside appeared in my office mail recently, with its return address label on the corner, it caught my immediate attention. It looked a bit like a pocket knife, but wasn’t heavy enough. Out came my dangerously sharp spyderco and with a quick swipe or two layers of duct tape, what came out of an inner wrapper was a stunner.

There in my greasy little palm was a pistol magazine for an original Rough Standard semi-auto, which I also wrote about recently. Original magazines are pretty rare now, so a few days later, while I was taking a break from house painting (yes, even writers have “normal” duties during the summer!), I called Ace to thank him and see what I owe him. this little treasure.