December 1, 2022

Goatwhore – Review of Angels Hanging from the Arches of Heaven

Blackened Death Thrash

metal blade

Released October 7, 2022

Line up:

L Ben Falgoust II – Vocals

Sammy Pierre Duo – Guitars/Vocals

Trans Am – Bass

Zack Simmons – Drums

List of tracks:

1 – Summon 3

2 – Born of the flesh of Satan

3 – The Outpouring of Abomination

4 – Angels hanging from the arches of heaven

5 – Death from Above

6 – Ruinous liturgy

7 – Victory is the lightning bolt of destruction

8 – Ravenous fixation of blood

9 – The Devil Warlords

10 – The weight of a soulless heart

11 – Nihil

12 – And I was delivered from the world of perdition

Coming out of the hellish underground of New Orleans, we welcome Goatwhore back with a brutal, slamming exit five years after their last effort, and boy is it worth it. Starting with ‘Invocation 3’, a brief instrumental that leads into the utter devastation of ‘Born Of Satan’s Flesh’, we get the real deal. It’s sharp, mean, angry, with two types of vicious voices from Falgoust and Duet. “The Bestowal Of Abomination” keeps the beat going with Zack Simmons displaying Olympic-size energy on his drums. The title track is an epic piece of the blackest death metal that bounces on brutal riffs before the thrashtastic ‘Death From Above’ and ‘Ruinous Liturgy’ then things go a bit sour on the groovy ‘Victory Is The Lightning Of Destruction’ .

“Voracious Blood Fixation” resonates over a good old music video with a gripping riff and melodic solo before the rabid death metal of “The Devils Warlords.” “Weight Of A Soulless Heart” is slower and atmospheric, then “Nihil” brings the beat back to an absolute bang – devilish and vicious and perfect for starting a pit. The final number “And I Was Delivered From The World Of Perdition” is another epic that gradually builds into an atmospheric doom groove and you know it will burst and do it with a minute and a half to go.

Wow! Gone is the soupy mix of previous records, the sounds on this one are razor sharp and in your face thanks to producer Kurt Balou. Duet’s hack and slash riffs and main breaks are white hot, the drums push you into submission and the vocals make their point. An all-in-one extreme metal fan’s dream. Fabulous stuff.

Rating: 9/10

Reviewed By: Smudge

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