September 28, 2022

Get a charge from Tesla

Seattle football and electric cars both had a great year in 2009. One man had the vision for both: Adrian Hanauer. Seattle Sounders’ FC’s initial season was in 2009, the same year Tesla Motors launched its first car, the Roadster, which launched the electric car market as we know it today. As many people know, Hanauer is majority owner of the Sounders and was also one of the very first people in Seattle to take delivery of a Tesla Roadster, a now iconic and collectible electric vehicle that he still owns today. today. Football’s success in Seattle has been nothing short of huge, with two MLS cups and a Champions League title in 2022. Tesla hasn’t done too badly either.

What made you buy this car and be one of the first? I was just fascinated by the idea of ​​being part of what I assume was a movement towards electric vehicles from the start. I thought it was an amazing looking car, obviously built on the Lotus chassis. It also seemed like the right thing to do from an environmental point of view.

What was the process? At the time, there were no dealerships to visit, so I went to the website, put in a credit card, and made a $10,000 deposit. I ordered it completely online, chose the color and all the features. I’ve never even driven one, which, now that I say it, sounds pretty crazy. It took over a year to deliver the car after ordering it.

What is the first car you drove: It’s embarrassing because I was a Mercer Island kid, so I used to drive an old Mercedes 300 diesel before I started borrowing my brother’s cooler car, an orange VW Bug. It will never let me forget the time I parked it, apparently illegally, and it got towed away. I didn’t deal with it for a long time and when I went to pick it up, the convenience store had already auctioned it off. As you can imagine, my brother never let me go through this and still reminds me that I owe him $800 for the car.

What do you drive daily today? I’ve been driving the same car every day for eight years, a Tesla Model S.

What’s your favorite Model S feature? That I haven’t visited a gas station in eight years. The other thing is that these cars are getting software upgrades. While sitting in the garage, you wake up one morning and there’s a new feature on your car. Coming from my last car, which was a Range Rover, it was quite overwhelming.

Have you ever had any issues with your Tesla, like a power outage? Zero, never. The only problem was when I thought it was stolen. At my office garage they parked the cars and one day I went down to get mine and it was gone. I was able to track him on my iPhone and saw him coming back to the office. I’m like, okay. It would be weird if someone stole it and then brought it back to me. Turns out another person in the building had the same car and told a co-worker they could use it for an errand. The valet then gave them the wrong key.

What does driving a classic Tesla Roadster look like? The acceleration when driving an EV is ridiculous. When you combine that with the super light Lotus chassis, which is only inches off the ground, it feels like this car is going 300 miles per hour. Merging down the highway is really easy when you have that much power and drive. I also like that other people try to figure out what it is every time I park it. When I come back to it, someone is looking at it or taking a picture of it. Young people have never seen one before, so they tend to ask what it is or wonder why I put Tesla stickers on another car. Above all, I’m glad I had the luck and madness to buy a show without seeing it. I will never sell it.