December 1, 2022

Farmington Hills Drive System Design Collaborates to Advance Electrified Propulsion

Farmington Hills Drive System Design collaborates with Alvier Mechatronics to support sustainable electrified propulsion solutions in automotive, utility vehicle, off-road, marine and aerospace applications. // Courtesy of DSD

Drive System Design (DSD), a company specializing in the rapid engineering and development of electrified propulsion systems in Farmington Hills, and Alvier Mechatronics are joining forces to provide the mobility industry with engineering services to support sustainable electrified propulsion solutions in automotive, utility vehicles, off-road, marine and aerospace applications.

Based in Goslar, Germany, Alvier is an engineering services company specializing in advanced materials and production methods for high-volume, sustainable applications.

The two companies have signed a joint operating agreement to combine DSD’s expertise in designing fully electrified propulsion systems encompassing simulation, prototyping and validation, with Alvier Mechatronics’ capabilities in powder metallurgy and electromagnetic design.

“Working with Alvier Mechatronics is a great opportunity for DSD to diversify its contribution to advancing sustainable electrified propulsion across a range of critical industries,” said Mark Findlay, CEO of DSD. “It’s a company with industry-trusted capabilities, and we look forward to pushing the boundaries of sustainable electrification.”

This collaboration, the companies say, will unlock significant improvements in the development of electrified systems and bring innovative turnkey solutions to the industry, including:

  • Accelerate time to market by combining metallurgical and electromagnetic development phases and reducing time to market for prototypes.
  • Sustainability improvements in CO2 usage, resulting in an overall reduction during the development process, to complement both companies’ ability to reduce CO2 production during system operation.
  • Expertise derived from the combined experience and resources of Höganäs AB, DSD and Alvier Mechatronics.

“This collaboration will capitalize on each company’s combined skills and capabilities to serve our new and existing customers in exciting ways,” said Daniel Hervén, CEO of Alvier Mechatronics.